CD Recovery Toolbox Free {damaged cd data recovery software}

How to recover data from unreadable CD-DVD is quite simple now with the help of CD Recovery Toolbox. Actually, it is a very useful tool for recovering files and important data from different types of unreadable, damaged or broken optical discs like CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, etc. You can use it to restore information and data loss as a result of some mechanical malfunction or physical damage of the disk (scratches, chips, different spots on the surface) or as a result of incorrect recording. This is very much successful and popular among computer users as their favorite data recovery tool.Cd-recovery-toolbox

CD Recovery software is probably one of the best free data recovery software and ultimate choices among millions of netizens because it is free and very easy to use through the wizard-style interface and seems to copy faster than the rest other tools. It scans any unreadable or scratch damaged the CD and DVD disks and finds files and folders located there. We should mention that there can be some information on the disk that cannot be recovered.


Actually, It’s nightmare when we encountered with an unreadable, corrupted or damaged memory disk and everybody are very much curious on how to recover data from unreadable CD-DVDs, it’s very much disappointing and stressed moments when you realized that your CD-DVD have some damaged or it has some issues to reflect data. Don’t worry, we have a magical data recovery software to restore data and get your back up from your scratched or broken CD recovery.

This is a great and trusted and tested, CD Data Recovery Software for windows, It has been developed for safely recovering and restoring data from unreadable-scratched, damaged-corrupted CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, etc common media discs. You can recover all types of files by this DVD recovery software. The tool saves as much information as possible and completely scans all disks of your system. During the recovery process, Recovery Toolbox for cd uses a lot of different types of algorithms during the recovery process, which increases the amount and the quality of the recovered data.

At the end of the data recovery process, the user will get a complete report about all details of the recovery process in the readable format. The software allows the user to control and monitor the recovery process in the most comfortable way. Which and what files from where to recover, where to save the recovered data and so on. It’s easy to view all necessary information, about the source of the data being recovered and the location of the data saved to.

This versatile DVD repair software offers an extensive report containing details about your recovery tasks. The application lets you easily control the recovery process in a comfortable and highly efficient manner. You can select the location where the recovered files will be stored, what documents will be recovered, and much more.

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How to recover data from unreadable CD-DVDs?

A step-by-step description of how to repair data from a corrupted optical (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray) disks.

Step 1: Select the drive to recover data

How to recover data from unreadable CD-DVDs

Step 2: Select the disk and folder to save recovered data

How to recover data from unreadable CD-DVDs complete guide

Step 3: Selecting the files /folders you want to recover from the drive


Step 4: Restore Log

How to recover data from unreadable CD-DVDs - tutorial

CD Recovery Toolbox Free Video Tutorial

  1. Insert corrupted disc inside PC drive
  2. Download CD Recovery Toolbox Free
  3. Install CD Recovery Toolbox Free on your computer system
  4. Run the downloaded data recovery program on your computer
  5. Select the drive to recover data on the first page of Recovery Toolbox
  6. At the end to save recovered data, please select the disk and folder
  7. Selecting the files/folders from the drive you want to recover
  8. Press Next button

Note: CD Recovery Toolbox Free will be non-responsive in the following cases

  • media being physically damaged (scratches, exposure to liquids, etc.)
  • the format of the media being corrupted by the software for writing disks
  • For writing disks, if the format of the media being corrupted by the software
  • OS failures while reading and accessing the media
  • and so on and so forth

In all these unavoidable situations the software will recover everything necessary quick and perfect, as much information as possible.

the program will quickly and perfectly do everything necessary to recover as much information as possible.

The comfortable and intuitive interface makes working with the program effective and pleasant.

A brief list of CD Recovery Toolbox features:

  • Recovering corrupted data from all most common types of media for today
  • Working with data that became corrupted both after physical damage of the media and due to program errors
  • Allowing the user to completely control the recovery process
  • Giving the user as the detailed report about the restore data process as possible

But what is the best part of this software – all these brilliant features are absolutely free of charge! From now on you have an available, simple, but still powerful tool for data restore that does not require any money!

If you take into account the number and quality of algorithms, the simplicity, and availability of use, the range of features, it is one of the best tools in its class and, once again, unlike most of its analogs, it is absolutely free.

CD recovery toolbox system Requirements:

  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 and above

Technical Setup Details
Software Name: CD Recovery Toolbox
Setup Full Size: 2.7 MB
Developers: Recovery Toolbox
License: Freeware

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