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Carbonite Cloud Backup Download 6.3.2

Jul 30,2019 - Carbonite, Inc. (Free)

16.4 MB (Safe & Secure)

Protecting files and folders through any form of backup is essential nowadays, excuses for those who depend heavily on their data. However, most software solutions offer rather complex deployment processes and cumbersome handling. Carbonite was designed in order to provide users with an accessible and easy-to-use backup utility that will save their files online, in the Cloud. People will be able to use a series of wizards created specifically to help them achieve the preferred backup much easier.

Carbonite software

Carbonite Backup and Protection Software Features

Unlimited cloud storage

Compare and find the plan that fits you best. Keeps a lifetime of photos, music and irreplaceable files safe.

Simple, automatic, continuous

Set-it-and-forget-it. Your files are automatically, continuously backed up. No remembering, no scheduling. Just live life, we’ve got your back.

Free premium support

Unlike other backup offerings, we include free premium, U.S.-based customer support. If you ever get stuck, our award-winning customer support team is ready to help. They are available daily via phone, chat or email.

Easy Restore

This disaster (or spilled coffee) strikes, you can recover files from the cloud in just a few clicks. Restore all of your files, or just a few, with our easy restore wizard.

Anytime Anywhere Access

You forgot a file on your home computer, or want to show friends a photo on the train. No problem. This software mobile apps acknowledges users to view, share and download their files from your mobile devices, wherever and whenever you need them.

Safe and sound

Before leaving your computer, your files are encrypted using 128-bit Blowfish encryption. Then, they’re transmitted to one of our data centers using Transport Layer Security (TLS), where they are guarded 24 hours a day.

Carbonite software showing display screen

Carbonite Benefits

Personal cloud backup
  • Easy to install and configure so it runs automatically
  • Includes backup software and unlimited cloud storage service for one computer
  • Protects photos, tax forms, music and video files, and more
  • Recover files easily from any web-connected device
  • Available for external hard drives and other forms of external storage
  • Excellent defense against a ransomware attack, hardware failure, and laptop loss or theft

Personal backup benefit

Cloud backup for small business
  • Easy-to-use business cloud backup to protect all your important files
  • Recover clean files from the cloud if your originals become infected with ransomware
  • Award-winning support seven days a week
  • Advanced encryption both at rest and in-flight
  • Plans available for small businesses and the home office
  • Easily recover files, folders and complete systems

Cloud backup

Data protection solutions
  • Scalable and flexible on-site, offsite, cloud or hybrid data protection
  • All-in-one solutions include hardware, software and cloud services from a single vendor
  • Protects physical, virtual and legacy systems
  • Remote wipe, legal hold and location tracking for simple, central management of employee endpoints
  • High availability protection for keeping critical, tier-1 applications online, with options for disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)
  • Powerful data migration for deploying in the cloud or moving from one cloud to another
  • Advanced encryption for data at rest and in-flight

Data protection

The user-friendly interface with its useful wizards

People will benefit from a colorful interface that contains a well-designed layout that is meant at increasing the user-friendliness as much as possible. All the backup and restore tools are laid out in a tabbed array where everything is easily accessible.

Upon the installation process, one will be prompted by a configuration wizard that will help establish the details of the backup process. Offering both an automatic or manual mode, Carbonite ’s wizard will help novice users set up their backup with no headaches, thanks to intuitive PC type and file selection.

Through its swift configuration process, this software would only require the initial setup process, after which it will automatically backup users’ files. For those who automation and background processing are essential, this utility’s backup system might be appreciated.

Users will be able to browse the backed up files, select individual files or complete backups for restoring or easily backup files straight from the Windows context menu. Depending on users’ Internet connection speed, the backup tasks will be quite fast and in our tests, the application proved to be efficient and responsive.

“No-brainer” backup application that could help those who need for an easy way of protecting their files

If ease-of-use and handling efficiency are needed in a backup utility, then Carbonite will surely fit users’ requirements. It will allow them to easily define their backup tasks and save files online, in the Cloud. Providing continuous, automatic backup and integration with the OS context menu, the application will be accessible to both novice and experienced users, although the latter might sense a slight lack of more advanced backup features.

This software shows System Preferences

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
 All plans have unlimited backup  Backup for certain file types by default
 Security protocols are strong Files over 4 GB must be manually added
Very easy to use No ability to adjust bandwidth for backup

System Requirements

Operating System Windows all version supported

Official Video Intro Carbonite Cloud Backup

An Introduction to Carbonite Server Backup

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  • BackBlaze
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Carbonite Cloud Backup Overview

Carbonite Cloud Backup Download

Technical Specifications

Version 6.3.2
File Size 16.4 MB
Language English
Available Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Commercial Trial
Developer Carbonite


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