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Browsec VPN Download For Pc To Protect Your Online Privacy 3.37.1

Apr 9,2019 - Browsec LLC (Free)

3.78 MB (Safe & Secure)

Browsec VPN is a Chrome/Firefox extension, it has a lot to give their users, it has a lightning fast speed up to 100mbps without any breach of security and private browsing on the internet. Secure (encrypted) proxy add-on for browsers, which also offers a VPN app for mobiles. Hide your real location from the sites like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud and so on. Music and video services restricted to a few countries are now accessible to you too. The add-on is very popular, with around 2 million users and the service is operated by the company Browsec LLC.

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Browsec VPN For Chrome

Browsec VPN Professional Review

Browsec offers compatibility with Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and they have an iOS app available (an Android app is under development).

Our expert team reviewing it and found some discrepancy in its actual speed feature, an uncleared legal jurisdiction, and overall performance. We can say, in some part it’s ok and some other below industry standards. Similarly, it doesn’t mean that the VPN service is a scrap, Browsec has a lot of sturdy features that are ‘value for money too’.

Just curious, how secure is safe vault with armored walls when its keys are stolen!

No doubt, Browsec is a very good VPN service that critically falls with three serious issues. Is your money worth spending on this service? Well, let’s dig out the truth with our expert review.

Browsec VPN Additional Information

Locations 36 countries, 400+ servers
Log files Aggregated
Easily download your important data Restricted
Support Online Support Tickets with a fast response
Netflix USA servers do not work
Tunneling Protocols IPSec & HTTP Proxy (no OpenVPN)
Encryption 256-bit AES
Jurisdiction Russia
Price $39.99/year and up
Official Website https:/

Browsec VPN Features

  1. Free, competitive, feature-full, and streamlined VPN solution for all Chrome browser users.
  2. Fully encrypted data transfer.
  3. Gain privacy against data sniffers, ISP monitoring, government oversight, and malicious websites.
  4. Anonymous browsing that masks your home location from the rest of the web.
  5. Easy one-click installation.
  6. Also available for Firefox and Opera browsers.
  7. Standalone VPN apps offered for iOS and Android users.
  8. Optional PREMIUM service that unlocks more VPN server locations and faster transfer speeds.
  9. Shared premium license across all your devices.
  10. 7-day Premium trial.

Browsec VPN Pros

1. Virus-Free and leakproof

First checking with security.

Our team of experts put Browsec through a number of tests to see if it leaks the IP address, DNS, or WebRTC.  All reflect clean with the anonymity of server location. So, the security side is all clear and tighten.

Our team checked the Hollands server, which never revealed the real IP address.

Well, for sign up or to add the add-on extension to your browser, you don’t need to fill up details. 1-Click, and no registration or hidden fees. Their system generates a temporary account for everyone who connects and gives you the option to attach the e-mail address to this account if you choose to do so. There is nothing mentioned about encryption type or any other technical information regarding the connection type for that matter.

Your IP Addresses

The DNS address also has foolproof privacy, too:

DNS Leak Test

Browsec successfully cleared this security test without any glitch. A secure connection means that your original location is safe and you’re able to use public Wi-Fi without the fear of hackers entry into your system. Keeping your current location hidden also means that you can ‘unblock’ content that’s otherwise restricted in your country.


Browsec Information

Well, the good news is after it’s  VirusTotal Scan, and there isn’t any virus detected. So, we have all clear for its virus protection feature. So no more worry about stealing of your private information by any advertising agency or other information-hungry media online.

Logging Policy

Logging Policy

Your privacy is as similar as the VPN’s privacy policy.

Browsec’s Privacy Policy agrees that they collect few data, but it keeps most of the actual usage data (like the sites you visit, things you download, etc.) in aggregate, meaning all users activity so yours can be deciphered.

The disappointing matter is that Browsec can still submit your personal information if they are inquired to by law. But this is very common among most of the privacy policies, and it’s often up to the home countries laws.

3. 36 Server Locations with 400+ Servers

Virtual Locations

Server count and the number of location available offers a lot of freedom for flexibility and various features. This is because of certain streaming media services such as Netflix and Hulu offering different products from one location to another.

Now, Browsec has a free version only offers 4 locations

  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • US

On the other hand, The premium version has 36 server locations for you to select from including any ones listed above. Browsec also confirmed that its total server count is growing. This could offer more flexibility for different networks to be available. Browsec users will have to wait for said new servers to come in operational, but the existing number available is already enough and pretty good.

4. Netflix unblocked

Netflix Unblocked

Using a VPN to bypass a geo-restriction law for streaming any online content used to be easy. Open up a VPN server in any country you wish to, pull up Netflix, and watch their content.

Unfortunately, streaming services have more intel than us. In fact, most of the VPNs we’ve tested don’t work with services like Netflix anymore.

The good news is, Browsec resist this trend. We have tested Netflix on six different servers and found that two of them worked

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Hong Kong 
  • South Korea 
  • US
  • US West 

See the image below, it appeared when it doesn’t work

Something Went Wrong

Use your Browser to access Netflix

Browsec doesn’t have a desktop version of its app. It’s only available for iOs, Android, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. The latter three versions are only an extension. That means, if you want to use Browsec to stream Netflix, you’re going to have to use your browser to perform it.

5. Military-Standard Encryption

Browsec uses two types of tunneling protocols:

  • IPsec with AES256 (military-standard encryption)
  • HTTP Proxy

Their IPsec default isn’t as strong as PureVPN, but is drastically more secure than older protocols like PPTP.

Browsec’s browser extensions use HTTP Proxy. Its lightweight nature makes it easier to access and retains the same grade of encryption as a TLS protocol.

6. Browsec Customer Support

Contact Us

Browsec doesn’t offer a fair knowledge base customer support or FAQ like some other VPN companies. They also don’t have live chat available. It is a bit disappointing while reviewing their customer support level.

The good part is, their email support is very fast and with have in-depth knowledgable. You can contact their support team through the icon located in the lower right corner of every page of their website or through their feedback page.

You have to provide your e-mail id for a response from their team, your topic or concern and any file attachment, that’s enough to get in touch with their support e-mail very fast. In our testing, they connect us very quick and delivered all satisfactory replies on our number of queries.

7. Very easy Setup and Usability

Browsec’s setup usability is very simple and pretty well.

Firstly, installing the VPN extension on your browser only takes a few clicks. Once it’s set up, you can log in and start using their secure network.

Protect Me

They only allow you to change server location when you access it or by clicking on “Protect Me.” Browsec also has a “Smart Settings” feature. This allows you to hide your identity when visiting certain websites.

The only downside is that you’re unable to switch between protocols because there’s no built-in function inside the app.

8. No more use of Kill-Switch Feature

A kill-switch allows a VPN to cut your internet connection whenever its server network goes down. This prevents you from unknowingly using the internet in a vulnerable position.

We have inquired to the customer support team on whether or not Browsec has a kill-switch feature. Here’s what they’re saying:

A kill switch is ideal on all app-based VPN networks like VPNSecure or NordVPN. However, because you’re connecting through a browser on Browsec, you don’t need one because the browser itself would shut down if you lost a connection.

The Cons of Using Browsec

1. Slow Connection Speed

Browsec claims to offer speeds up to 100 Mbps when connected. However, after actually testing them, this seems a bit slower than what they were promised for.

This is our initial connection speed without using Browsec:

Slow Connection Speed

  • Ping: 22 ms
  • Download: 53.28 Mbps
  • Upload: 49.35 Mbps

For this test, our team used six random servers:

  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • US
  • US West

Out of all of them, it was the Hong Kong server that came out on top. While its download speed was not as per the minimum expectations, the upload one wasn’t:

Speed Test HongKong Browsec VPN

  • Ping: 64 ms
  • Download: 10.13 Mbps
  • Upload: 48.52 Mbps

The problem with slow speeds like these is that even though you could stream Netflix in theory based on the two servers that worked, you’ll probably experience delays and other performance issues.

2. Transparency issue

There wasn’t too much information to be found about Browsec LLC, owner of the browser proxy add-on and mobile VPN, Browsec. They do not have an about page or any type of description that would lead to their company. The only thing we found out is that they are likely based in Russia, also functioning under the name Browsec according to the Apple Store (which would be a Russian Limited Liability Company). If they are indeed based in Russia, you should be aware that they recently proposed some anti-terrorism laws that force communication and software companies to allow the government to spy on users compromising encryption. These laws are likely to be implemented in the nearby future.

A lack of transparency about its background could mean that it values and protects the data of its users based on the laws of its government. Here’s why.

3. Russian based company

There is a reason why the best premium VPNs like ExpressVPN are located outside the “Eyes” intelligence alliance. The 14 countries in the Eyes alliance is working together to take whatever data they want from ISPs and certain VPN providers located within their borders — without you even knowing.

Browsec is not headquartered under the 14 Eyes. However, Browsec is located in Russia. And they have their own strict online censorship laws. Russia is continuously monitoring online activity which is bad news for any VPN provider located under them.

Does this guarantee that Browsec is handing over user information to the Russian government? Not really. But by definition, they’re also not going to put up much of a fight, either.

4. No desktop App

This VPN Service is only available for iOS, Android, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. But that’s only through browsers, not apps. That’s one of the reasons why Browsec doesn’t work on Windows.

Install Browsec For Free

This is bad in a number of ways because:

  • Any apps that are outside of your browser are not safe.
  • It’s not compatible with TOR.
  • It allows 5 simultaneous connections.
  • It’s not routering compatible.

You can also forget about safe, anonymous files or problems concerning your bandwidth use.

If you do want to watch Netflix, you can still do it, but make sure that it’s on your browser. Forget about the standalone app that you can get on Windows.

Finally, using Browsec with TOR or through your router is not possible. Their support team confirmed this.

Browsec VPN Pricing Plan and Refund Policy

Browsec VPN review unveils that the service makes use of a freemium pricing model. This means you can use its browser extension or VPN application for as long as you want on the free plan. However, if you want to leverage better proprietary features, you will have to go for the premium subscription. The service divides its premium plan into two options: Monthly and Annual. If you opt for the monthly package, you will have to pay a low $4.99 per month.

All Payments Are Protected

Browsec has simple payment plans. They only offer two plans:

  • Monthly – $4.99 ($60/year)
  • Yearly – $39.99

The yearly plans are priced competitively, just a notch below NordVPN.

Browsec’s payment methods are quite limited, though:

If you want to buy Browsec, but are unsure about whether or not it’s worth trying, you can download its free version.

The drawback to Browsec’s free version, however, is that it limits a lot of features like:

  • The connection speed
  • The connection stability
  • The number of server locations that you can use.

Browsec VPN Refund Policy

Refund Policy

If you have bought Browsec but wish to cancel, the service offers a 7-day money-back policy. You can cancel your subscription through your account in their website with just a single click.

Asking for a refund, on the other hand, requires you to email their support team ( from the correct account email. You also have to provide the date time, and payment provider used to get a faster response.

Browsec VPN – Our thoughts

Browsec offers a lot of solid features such as military-grade encryption, a large number of servers, great customer support, and access to Netflix. This is made even better with its ridiculously-simplistic setup and use.

On the side of the conversation, you have negatives such as the slow connection speed, the browser limitations, and the fact that it’s located in Russia. Paying for a VPN service means that you value your privacy on the internet. That same value is thrown out the window if an anti-privacy government governs the VPN.

If you’re planning on buying Browsec VPN, We recommend that you consider doing it in the future when they have a desktop version available.

Note. We always encourage our valued users to share their views and suggestion. so if you’ve used Browsec before, leave a review! Let us find out a fair and more better opinion about this VPN service.

Official Video Intro Browsec VPN

Add Browsec VPN Extension To Chrome

Browsec VPN FAQs

Is Browsec free?

Yes, you can use Browsec free plan as long as you want without any restrictions.

If you need extra server locations, higher connection speed or you just want to support Browsec development, you can get Browsec Premium subscription.


How many devices can be used with the same Browsec account?

You can use up to 5 devices with the same Browsec account.

When using browser extension, each browser with Browsec extension is considered as unique device.


Do I need to purchase separate Premium subscriptions for mobile and desktop?

No, you can purchase Premium subscription on desktop and use it on mobile and vice versa.


If I turn Browsec on, is my connection encrypted?

Yes, Browsec uses IPSec IKEv2 with AES-256 (military-grade) encryption on mobile and HTTP Proxy over TLS with AES-256 encryption when using browser extension. Browsec also protects you from MITM (Man-in-the-middle) attacks and WebRTC leaks.


Browsec VPN Overview

Browsec VPN Download For Chrome

Technical Specification

Version 3.37.1
File Size 3.78 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Browsec LLC


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