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British Airways Wi-Fi

British Airways ensures that your connectivity knows no bounds aboard its extensive selection of long-haul flights, as it proudly offers Wi-Fi services. Embark on a skyward journey while staying seamlessly connected to colleagues, family, and friends, courtesy of this in-flight Wi-Fi service. Experience uninterrupted access to entertainment like movies, TV series, and music, or boost your productivity with work-related tasks using British Airways WiFi.

British Airways

British Airways, commonly referred to as BA, operates as a renowned full-service airline hailing from the United Kingdom, with its operational hub situated in London, England. With a remarkable history spanning over a century, British Airways has been dedicated to facilitating air travel for passengers across various destinations. This airline has achieved a notable 4-star rating, a testament to the exceptional quality of its onboard amenities and the top-notch service provided by its staff members. Covering an extensive network, British Airways efficiently serves the travel needs of individuals heading to more than 200 diverse locations. The airline’s origins date back to its inception in 1919, initially established as “Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited,” marking the inception of a legacy that continues to soar high today.

Which British Airways aircraft have Wi-Fi?

British Airways has displayed commendable dedication in equipping its long-haul fleet with BA Wifi, particularly considering the setback caused by the pandemic that effectively delayed airlines’ progress by several years. At present, the majority of British Airways’ long-haul aircraft boast Wi-Fi connectivity, and on select fleet types, this service is assured.


Notably, the introduction of British Airways In Flight Wifi often aligns with the incorporation of the new Club Suites business class offering, which is now accessible on a substantial number of the airline’s long-haul planes.

For a comprehensive breakdown of Wi-Fi availability across various British Airways long-haul aircraft types:

  • All Airbus A350-1000s: Wi-Fi is a standard feature across all British Airways Airbus A350-1000s. The airline presently operates 13 of these aircraft, with an additional five anticipated for delivery in the forthcoming years – each already equipped with Wi-Fi.
  • All Airbus A380s: The entirety of British Airways’ 12 Airbus A380s is equipped with WiFi. While not every A380 is currently operational, those in service offer Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • All Boeing 777-200ERs: British Airways has diligently retrofitted Wi-Fi onto all 43 of its Boeing 777-200ERs. Both the Heathrow and Gatwick based aircraft have been reconfigured to provide this service.
  • All Boeing 777-300ERs: The entire fleet of 16 British Airways Boeing 777-300ERs now boasts Wi-Fi, ensuring connectivity for passengers traveling on these aircraft.
  • No Boeing 787-8s: Presently, none of the 12 British Airways Boeing 787-8s feature Wi-Fi. However, it is anticipated that Wi-Fi installation will coincide with the introduction of Club Suites, beginning in late 2023.
  • Most Boeing 787-9s: Out of the 18 British Airways Boeing 787-9s, 14 are already equipped with Wi-Fi. The remaining four aircraft are projected to receive Wi-Fi upgrades within the coming year.
  • All Boeing 787-10s: Wi-Fi is a standard inclusion across all British Airways Boeing 787-10s. The airline currently operates five of these aircraft, with an additional seven anticipated for delivery in the future, each arriving with pre-installed Wi-Fi capabilities.

Short haul aircraft types

Short-haul flights are now enhanced with Wi-Fi connectivity, with the exception of soon-to-be phased-out aircraft. The specific aircraft models include:

  • A319 – Out of 35 aircraft, Wi-Fi is available on 12, while 23 aircraft remain without Wi-Fi:
    • G-EUOA
    • G-EUPL/M/N/O/P/R/S/T/U/Y/Z
  • A320 – Among 67 aircraft, 61 are equipped with Wi-Fi:
    • G-EUUA/B/C/E/F/G/H/I/J/K/L/M/N/O/P/R/T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z
    • G-EUYA/B/D/E/G/H/I/J/K/L/M/N/O/P/R/S/T/U/V/W/X
    • G-GATH/J/K/M/N/P/R/S/U
    • G-MEDK
    • G-MIDO/S/T/X/Y
    • G-TTOB/E
  • A320neo – All 12 aircraft are fitted with Wi-Fi.
  • A321 – Wi-Fi is available on 15 out of 18 aircraft:
    • G-EUXC/D/E/F/G/H/I/J/K/L/M
    • G-MEDL/M/N
  • A321neo – All 10 fleets are equipped with Wi-Fi technology.

Pricing for British Airways WiFi offers a range of Wi-Fi pricing options, with variations based on aircraft type and whether the flight falls within the long-haul or short-haul category.

Long Haul (Time-based)
For all long-distance flights except the A350 and 787-10, Wi-Fi pricing is structured as follows:

  • Complimentary access for First Class passengers.
  • Other cabins:
    • Browsing:
      • 1 Hour: £4.99
      • 4 Hours: £10.99
      • Full Flight: £14.99
    • Streaming:
      • 1 Hour: £7.99
      • 4 Hours: £17.99
      • Full Flight: Prices vary (up to £23.99, route-dependent)

Long Haul (Data-based)
For the A350 and 787-10 aircraft, a distinct pricing model based on data usage is employed:

  • 25MB: £4.99
  • 75MB: £11.99
  • 150MB: £17.99

Short Haul (Time-based)
For short-haul flights operated by appropriate aircraft, the following pricing structure applies:

  • Messaging: £1.99 or £2.99, varying based on flight distance.
  • Browsing & Streaming (1 hour): £4.99
  • Browsing & Streaming (entire flight): £4.99 to £9.99, dependent on travel distance.

Features Of The British Airways Wi-Fi

British Airways Wi-Fi offers distinctive features that enhance your in-flight connectivity experience:

  1. Elevated Access: Wi-Fi becomes available once the flight surpasses 10,000 feet, approximately 10 minutes after takeoff and before landing.
  2. Single Device Connectivity: With each Wi-Fi package purchase, a single device can be connected per flight. Transitioning between devices necessitates acquiring a new package.
  3. Flexible Purchase Options: Wi-Fi can be procured either as a guest by providing your details and payment information on the .air account, or by registering an account for expedited future transactions.
  4. Paid Service: Except for first-class travelers on designated long-haul Wi-Fi-equipped planes, British Airways Wi-Fi incurs a charge.
  5. Currency Choices: Payments can be made in either USD or Pounds (GBP), although pricing may fluctuate due to currency conversion.
  6. Versatile Functionality: British Airways Wi-Fi supports a range of activities, including:
    • Browsing the internet
    • Email correspondence
    • Direct messaging
    • Streaming entertainment, encompassing movies, music videos, and films
  7. Netflix Compatibility: An intriguing feature is the compatibility with Netflix, allowing you to enjoy new series and catch up on content during the flight, contingent on the selected Wi-Fi package.
  8. Exclusions: Usage of onboard personal network providers for calls is not supported. Communication platforms like FaceTime, Skype, and WhatsApp cannot be employed for voice or video calls.
  9. Device Compatibility: Wi-Fi is like minded with a wide array of Wi-Fi-enabled devices working the trendy variations of browsers along with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

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How To Connect To British Airways WiFi?

Should you have the privilege of traveling aboard a Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft, follow these steps to establish a wifi on british airways flights connection:

  1. Choose your designated device, keeping in mind that device switching during the same flight is not possible.
  2. Once the crew announces that the altitude exceeds 10,000 feet, activate ‘airplane mode’ on your device.
  3. Enable your device’s Wi-Fi function and connect to the ‘BAWi-Fi‘ network.
  4. Automatically access the .air website through your browser, or manually enter ‘‘ to register or log in.
  5. Select your preferred Wi-Fi package and proceed with the purchase.


British Airways presents travelers with a selection of two distinct british airways wifi packages:

  1. Pay-as-You-Go Option:
    • One-hour pass (£3.99)
    • Four-hour pass (£7.99)
    • 24-hour pass (£11.99)
  2. Monthly Subscription:
    • Priced at £19.99

How to Purchase a Subscription?

Purchasing Wi-Fi as a guest requires entering your credit card details with each transaction. Alternatively, by registering for a .air account, you can expedite the process by saving cards for streamlined payments and swifter british airways wifi on board access during your flights.

British Airways Hotlines

For a comprehensive range of services including ticket inquiries, reissues, refunds, cancellations, general inquiries, Wi-Fi details, and related assistance, British Airways offers direct contact options:

  • Within the United Kingdom: Dial 0800 123 111
  • Outside the United Kingdom: Call +44 191 490 7901

British Airways Wi-Fi Recompensation

Should you encounter connectivity issues after purchasing british airways onboard wifi, you can initiate a refund request through the following steps:

  1. Visit for assistance with billing inquiries, refunds, or receipt requests.
  2. Select “Wi-Fi refunds” to access the complaints and claims portal.
  3. Follow the provided link to submit a Wi-Fi refund claim or request a receipt.

Kindly anticipate a response from the customer care team within 72 hours.


What is British Airways WiFi?

British Airways WiFi allows passengers to access british airways plane wifi and stay connected during their flight.

Which flights offer Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi availability varies by aircraft type, with long-haul flights more likely to have it.

How is Wi-Fi activated during the flight?

Wi-Fi becomes accessible above 10,000 feet, around 10 minutes after takeoff and before landing.

Can I switch devices with a single Wi-Fi package?

No, each package is valid for one device. Switching requires a new purchase.

How can I pay for Wi-Fi?

Purchase as a guest or create a .air account for quicker transactions.

Is Wi-Fi free on all flights?

First Class passengers on certain long-haul flights have complimentary Wi-Fi. Others pay.

Can I use Netflix with British Airways Wi-Fi?

Yes, Wi-Fi supports Netflix based on your package.

Can I make voice or video calls?

No, calls via network providers or platforms like FaceTime are not supported.

How can I request a Wi-Fi refund?

Visit, select “Wi-Fi refunds,” and follow the link to submit a claim or receipt request.

How long for customer care response?

Expect a response within 72 hours.

Can I contact British Airways for Wi-Fi problems?

Yes, call within the UK at 0800 123 111 or outside at +44 191 490 7901.


Embrace a new dimension of air travel with British Airways’ in-flight Wi-Fi service. This connectivity gateway transforms your journey, enabling you to stay linked with the world above the clouds. Whether it’s catching up on entertainment, connecting with colleagues, or simply staying in touch, British Airways has tailored Wi-Fi packages to cater to your preferences. Rooted in a legacy of excellence spanning more than a century, British Airways remains at the forefront of innovation, enriching passenger experiences across diverse destinations. With Wi-Fi accessibility expanding throughout its long-haul fleet, British Airways invites you to embark on a connected journey like never before.


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