BPM Studio Best Audio Player Software

BPM-Studio Pro is a dedicated DJ-ing solution with a generous set of features that provide full control over the mixing process. Although it carries out such a complex task, it remains user-friendly while sporting a professional look.

Being a professional DJ not only requires a great deal of talent, but also an innovative software that can enhance the value of your skills. Such an application is BPM-Studio Pro, a reliable choice for combining your creativity with the professionalism that such a job asks for.


BPM-Studio Pro is a great companion for managing your playlists properly, allowing you to prepare them and even print them once they are complete. The advanced search features allow you to quickly locate tracks and artists, while the playlist history provides access to recently played songs.

Other highlights include an automatic gain control, support for five different sound channels, the possibility to control multiple sound cards at a time, crossfader capabilities, six different fade modes, CD writing modules, as well as a BMP counter and direct-cue options.

With the aid of the Sample Player and Audio Sample Editor, you will be able to create and store audio patterns that you can use later in your DJ-ing projects. The integrated mixer that also comprises an equalizer makes it possible to use your microphone together with internal channels.

BPM Studio Pro Picture

BPM Studio Pro Features:

  • Separate Playlists
  • Loop Sampler
  • BPM File Archiv
  • BPM Playlist Archiv
  • Waitlist
  • Sample Player
  • Sample Editor
  • BPM Counter manual
  • BPM Counter realtime
  • File Editor
  • Cross Fader
  • Manual Fader
  • Mixer
  • MP3 Stream Module
  • File Info Box
  • CD Player
  • Recorder
  • User Administration
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • BPM Print Designer
  • CD Writer
  • History Function
  • Direct Cue (6x)
  • ALCATech RC support

In addition, the BPM-Remote Access provides you with the possibility to control the application from a remote machine, with access to basic functions such as play, stop and volume adjustments.

BPM-Studio Pro integrates all you need in order to improve your DJ-ing skills. If used properly, it can add up to your carrier significantly.

BPM Studio Pro