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Boostnote Download For Windows 2021

Apr 6,2020 - Maisin&Co (Free)

133 MB (Safe & Secure)

Boostnote is an open-source note-taking app for windows designed for programmers and web developers. It is trusted by many programmers from over 190 countries and regions.

One of the third-party software solutions that can prove to be valuable in this situation is Boostnote, a lightweight text editor that allows you to take notes in an efficient manner.

BoostNote Free Download

This lightweight application allows you to take notes and organize them in an easy, convenient way, thus boosting your productivity. It comes with a smooth, stylish interface that encompasses easy to understand functions, thus providing you with high overall accessibility.

Despite its lack of a standard help manual, It provides you with a handy tutorial that overlays its interface, thus helping you understand its functions better.

There are quick access links found on the lower right that includes zoom, every type of document you could imagine, size, indent, and last update. Resizing Boostnote smaller does slightly mess up the formatting of these quick links. The menu section allows you to decide where your storage is, define hotkeys, and tweak the user interface.

Boostnote Note Taking App

Note Taking App for Windows Features

  • It allows you to quickly and clearly create a well-organized article in Plain Text
  • You can easily record a memo on development know-how and take notes during a meeting
  • Boostnote recognizes over 100 kinds of syntax-highlight making it perfect for writing code

The app lets you take your notes in Markdown with live previewer, use snippet notes, multiple hotkeys, finder popup (similar to the spotlight of OSX), and latex support. But keep in mind the program is not to be confused with a post-it style applications or a Notepad replacement since it is geared toward programmers/web developers as mentioned above.


You can rely on this application if you need an efficient solution for taking and organizing notes on your computer in a convenient, efficient manner. It is possible to create new folders where you can store your content and also color-code it, for better organization.

When generating a new note, you can assign it various tags, according to your preference, so that you can keep track of it easier. Additionally, you can access the dedicated combo box and choose a format that suits your needs best. It is possible to choose from HTML, PHP, CSS, Python, JavaScript, and various other ones.

Aside from the functions described above, this application also features support for syntax highlighting. Therefore, you can benefit from this function and take code-related notes efficiently.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows, Mac, Linux

Official Video Intro Boostnote

How to Organize Your Note with Local Storages | Boost Note Official

  • Joplin
  • Obsidian
  • Standard Notes
  • Notion
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Google Keep

Boostnote Overview

Boostnote Download For PC

Technical Specification

Software Name BoostNote Software For Windows V 2021
File Size 133 MB
Languages Multiple Languages
License Opensource
Developer Maisin&Co


The Note taking app for Windows is a lightweight application that allows you to take and organize notes in an easy, convenient manner. It comes with a stylish interface, features easy to use functions, and comes with a helpful tutorial that overlays its main window, thus allowing you to understand its features better.


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