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Boom 3D Volume Booster And Equalizer Software For Windows 1.4.1

Jul 13,2021 - Global Delight Technologies (Free)

30.5 MB (Safe & Secure)

Boom 3D for Windows PC is a most popular audio enhancement app designed to play your media content with incredible 3D effects on ANY headphones, from any player, any media, or streaming services. You would not need an expensive headphone or costly surround sound boosters to feel your music. The volume booster for Windows 10 with Incredible 3D surround sound that makes any kind of Headphones Sound Amazing.

You can use immersive sound effects to enjoy your typical music listening session, so a tool designed for such a simple task would have a simple UI and easy-to-use controls. This principle applies to Boom 3D just as well, since first opening the app will prompt a small tutorial on what all the buttons and dials do, although, with such a simple interface, this may be the shortest tutorial you’ve ever experienced.

Boom 3D Software For Windows 10

This sound booster Software uses a unique patent-pending 3D surround sound technology, that lets it pump more power and realism into the audio outputted, thereby presenting a cinema-quality sound on pretty much any headphone set, cheap or not. Like any typical soundboard, you have a few dials and nods you can turn to see just how your sound is affected, but you can also use the handcrafted equalizers and presets bring you the power to shape your sound at your fingertips.

Boom 3D Volume Booster Software For Windows Features

  • 3D Surround: Experience movies, games, and music with 3D Surround technology that offers a mind-blowing virtual surround sound without any special headphones to turn up the volume or costly surround speaker boosters.
  • Equalizer Presets: Most advanced Equalizers with 31 bands for precise audio tuning. Boom 3D for PC also provides a vast array of presets carefully handcrafted to match different genres and individual tastes of listening.
  • Boom Volume Booster: Boom 3D Desktop is a system-wide volume booster that safely increases the volume beyond its regular limits to deliver an intense and rich audio experience.
  • Apps Volume Controller: Boom 3D allows you to manage individual application audio volumes and seamlessly have an undisturbed movie/game/music experience like a personal music player app.
  • State of the Art Audio Player: Play your locally stored songs with unbeatable Boom effects with our full-fledged audio player and create playlists to organize your music collections just like your personal music player app.

Other Features of Boom 3D Software

  • Ambience: Bring your favorite games and movies to life and feel the background ambient sounds moving all around you. Boom 3D adds ambience to stereo sound making the stereo experience more immersive. It adds the natural reflection of audio from surroundings and makes audio and instruments sound more enthralling.
  • Night Mode: With the perfect ‘night-time binge watch‘ effect, harsh sounds like explosions are reduced and quieter sounds like whispers are heard clearly, all while keeping the overall impact of the sound effects, intact! This volume booster comes with a slider to personalize and adjust the level of balancing needed, rendering an overall enhanced audio experience.
  • Fidelity: The fidelity effect boosts the weaker frequency bands of your audio, increasing the overall quality of sound, and bringing it closer to the original audio quality, as it was recorded! It also balances the complete gain and calibrates the audio-rendering for the sensitivity of the ear, making your music more vibrant for listening.
  • Spatial Effect: The spatial effect intensifies and enhances the 3D soundscape. This seamless speaker booster increases the stereo image adding more clarity to the left and right channels making their locations felt further in the sound field, boosting your stereo music listening, movie watching and gaming, from a good, to a great experience!
  • Pitch: The pitch effect of Boom 3D allows you to adjust the pitch of the music by 5 semi-tones to match other instruments or make finer adjustments in the component while recording a song, playing instruments or singing along! These adjustments can be applied in real-time with music booster app.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz
Memory 1 GB
Storage Space 70 MB Free Hard Disk Space

Screenshots of Boom 3D Volume Booster For Windows 10

Official Video of Boom 3D Volume Booster And Equalizer Software

Install Boom 3D Software Full Working 100%

Boom 3D Software Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
1.2.3 June, 15th 2021 50.4 MB Download

Boom 3D Software Overview

Technical Specification

Boom 3D Download
Version 1.4.1
File Size 30.5 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Global Delight Technologies


While Boom 3D volume booster software may not be a professional level, the fact that it delivers such good sound quality and realistic surround sound effects with such few dials, settings and knowledge requirements make it a must-have for the typical user looking for a boom in their sound quality.


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