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Blisk Web Developer Browser Download For Windows

Feb 2,2021 - Blisk Team (Free)

420 KB (Safe & Secure)

Blisk is a Chromium-based browser for Web developers. Use it for simultaneous building and testing both desktop and mobile versions of your website. It enables developers to preview their changes as they code across multiple devices simultaneously! The program is the first developer-oriented browser for Windows PC. It provides businesses with a development workspace for the teams and freelancers to develop and test modern web applications twice faster.

Design, develop responsively, and high-performance web applications twice faster. With this tool, you can work on mobile and desktop simultaneously. Check that your web application looks great and works fine on any device. Test mobile and desktop versions side-by-side with all needed devices. Take a screenshot or record a video and share it with your team. It automatically uploads screenshots and videos to the secure Blisk cloud storage.

Blisk Web Developer Browser Download For Windows

This program can be installed on the target computer without difficulty since no additional nor complicated configuration is required on your part.

You only need to execute the installer utility, as the installation process is performed silently and automatically, without any extra menus or dialogs. Shortly after the setup is done, the application is launched.

It comes with a Chromium-like interface that packs a wide variety of useful functions, which are neatly organized in several menus. Therefore, numerous users can benefit from its capabilities without too much effort.

However, aside from letting you browse the Internet, this application’s purpose is to help you simplify your development projects. Thus, you need medium to advanced PC skills and a good understanding of certain development-related concepts in order to benefit from this utility’s capabilities entirely.

Human Spaceflight

What you can do with devices on Blisk?

  • Develop & test for mobile and desktop simultaneously
  • Test touch support for web applications on mobile
  • Create reactive single-page applications for mobile and desktop
  • Simulate medium or slow Internet connection
  • Preview devices in real size, scaled or smart-scaled size
  • Use both portrait & landscape orientation on mobiles
  • Test dark color theme by enabling dark mode
  • Track page errors & warnings on each device
  • Debug and measure performance with DevTools
  • Create, save and reuse custom device sets and settings
  • Test emails on mobile and desktop in Gmail, Outlook, etc
  • Monitor the website’s rank on Google search results for mobile

Developer Coding

Whenever you access a web page, you can toggle a secondary view that simulates access through a certain handheld device (a smartphone or a tablet). It is possible to change the device by selecting the desired item from the dedicated list.

This function can help you test the page behavior in various environments without having to rely on actual devices, but emulating them directly on your PC.

Blisk lets you toggle an auto-refresh option that automatically refreshes the tabs whenever it detects changes in the source code. Therefore, you can focus on development without needing to update the page manually every once in a while.

Blisk is worth a try for any web developer who feels like their current testing methods aren’t working as well as possible. The only caveats are that the browser itself is poor for hopping from page to page and that using multiple ‘devices’ takes getting used to.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows: Windows 7, 8, 10
Mac: Mac OS X 10.9 and higher version

Blisk Best Browser For Web Developers Features

  • Phones: It delivers preinstalled phones of all needed viewports: from small iPhone 5s to large Google Pixel XL. Phones support touch events, landscape or portrait mode, have a proper screen resolution, device pixel ratio, and user agent. The list of phone updates constantly.
  • Different Tablets: With Browser, you can check how your web application looks like and performs on tablets. Tablets support touch events, landscape, or portrait mode, have a proper screen resolution, device pixel ratio, and user agent. The list of tablets updates constantly.
  • Regular Laptops: It enables us to create amazing experiences for users on different laptops: from Windows to macOS. Laptops have a proper screen resolution, device pixel ratio, and user agent. The list of laptops updates constantly.
  • MDPI-HiDPI Desktops: Create web applications for desktops: from regular MDPI 1440px × 800px to large HiDPI 2560px × 1440px screens. Desktops support has a proper screen resolution, device pixel ratio, and user agent. The list of desktops updates constantly.
  • Side-by-side view: It shows mobile and desktop side-by-side. It helps to compare the UI on mobile and desktop simultaneously. Switching from mobile to desktop back and forth is not needed anymore.
  • URL and scroll sync: It synchronizes the URL and scroll position for both mobile and desktop. Mobile and desktop follow each other by URL and scroll position. It always shows the same page and the same portion of the content on desktop and mobile.
  • Auto-refresh: Every time you save code changes – refreshes tab(s). It updates CSS changes even without page refresh. Try to open IDE in one screen, the tool – in another, and focus on development.
  • Multiple DevTools: The program delivers the best DevTools (same as in Chrome). You can launch separate DevTools for desktop and mobile and use them simultaneously to inspect elements, measure performance, etc.
  • Error notifications:  This is the best browser for monitoring and debugging JavaScript errors and resources that failed to load. It notifies you when the issue appears and searches for the solution on StackOverflow.
  • Page inspector: The app delivers its own page inspector with the most important CSS properties. It powers quick inspecting of any element on desktop or mobile without launching DevTools.

Screenshots of Blisk Web Developer Browser

Official Video Intro Blisk Web Developer Browser

What Is Blisk Browser

Blisk Web Developer Browser FAQs

Is Blisk open source?

Blisk a Chromium-based browser, which means it pulls its code infrastructure from the same opensource project that Google Chrome does. It is currently only available to download for Windows, but there are plans to bring it to Mac and Linux.


What is a sync URL?

Blisk is a browser for web development. … In Blisk browser, while you are browsing localhost or the web, the browser synchronizes the destination URL. Thanks to URL sync, the developer can work on the same page on a device and web content simultaneously.


What Titan does Blisk use?

Blisk uses a B3 Wingman and a combat knife as his usual choice of weaponry. However, he has used the R101-C Carbine, Active Camouflage and other weapons in his portrayals. His Titan chassis of choice is the Legion.


Blisk Web Developer Browser Older Versions

Version Name Size Download
Blisk_installer.exe 420 KB Download
  • LambdaTest
  • Responsively
  • BrowserStack
  • LT Browser
  • BrowserPage
  • Emmet Re:view
  • Sizzy
  • Browserling
  • CrossBrowserTesting
  • MultiBrowser

Blisk Web Developer Browser Overview

Blisk Web Developer Browser Download For PC

Technical Specification

Software Name Blisk Browser Software For Windows V
File Size 420 KB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Blisk Team


Blisk is a reliable Internet browser for Web Developers in 2021 that offers you various development-related tools, which can help you simplify your work. It can be easily installed on the target computer, comes with a smooth user interface, and integrates multiple functions that are neatly organized, providing users with both efficiency and high overall accessibility.


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