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Mar 24,2021 - Snap, Inc. (Free)

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Bitmoji for Chrome is a simple image editor that focuses on making it simple for people of all skill levels to make cool, customized, and eye-catching emojis.

Rather than relying on the limited built-in libraries of emojis found in various chat and social apps, or browsing officially accepted databases with very simple and generic emojis, Bitmoji desktop app developers have devised a way for any PC user to easily create their own exclusive creations, personalize them to the point that emojis might even showcase your likeness, and then do with them whatever they want.

Bitmoji Cartoon Creation App DownloadBitmoji for desktop software was made by a group of engineers that were liable for the advancement of, a web-controlled image editor that can be utilized for smoothed out and simple comic book creation straightforwardly in the tab of web programs. In 2014, this equivalent group dispatched an extremely famous side project application Bitmoji for web and portable stages, empowering a huge number of clients to make customized stickers that can be handily utilized in informing applications. Bitstrips and Bitmoji stages were procured by Snap, Inc (makers of the well-known mixed media messaging application Snapchat) in July 2016, empowering countless their every day clients to all the more effectively modify and customize their emojis and stickers.

Bitmoji’s latest version is available to all users as a web Chrome plugin that allows you to quickly create your own cartoon-like character. The app will walk you through the process of making a cartoon face that mimics all of the most significant facial features (head shape, eyebrows, nose, ears, lips), and then all you have to do is customize your character with the right body type and clothes (which can be both plain and highly eye-catching). After that, the app will show you a variety of scenes where you can add your newly created avatars. Present holidays, different activities, costumes tied to major movie premieres, and many more are often seen in these scenes.

Bitmoji is completely free to download and can be found on almost any website that supports it. Though Bitmoji for Chrome is available as a web browser plugin for PCs, smartphone users can integrate it into their daily chat apps with a custom keyboard app that promotes quick access to all of the avatar development resources. Snapchat’s Bitmoji functionality is included in all versions of the software.

If you would like to customize the design of the website with innovative colors then download the Stylish for Chrome.

Features of Bitmoji for Chrome Extension

Be Unique Emoji

Bitmoji for Chrome works similarly to Bitstrips in that it allows you to quickly build a personalised emoji. It has over 100 options for creating your own character or even a completely different character. You can also adjust your avatar’s look to fit your real-life fashion sense. There are several face shapes, body sizes, hairstyles, and clothing options to choose from, allowing you to personalize your look to your heart’s content.

When you’re about to make Bitmojis, your avatar will be posed in a variety of poses. The software just has static models, but you can’t do anything with them—the looks are the only thing you can change.

Needs more choices

Bitmoji for Chrome is a handy emoji maker that helps anybody create their own one-of-a-kind emoticons. It’s simple and can be sent almost anywhere so if you’d like to shake things up, you can try creating your own avatars or characters of your own. Unfortunately, the customization choices won’t fully satisfy most people so you should expect to find only a few options for certain categories. You only need a Bitmoji account.

Screenshots of Bitmoji For Chrome Extension 

Official Video of Bitmoji

Bitmoji Introduction

Bitmoji Avatar Creation App FAQ

What are they and how do I make one?

Bitmoji Classrooms are simply engaging (hopefully?) graphic home pages or landing pages that can be placed on your web site, learning management system, blog site or wherever you like. Bitmoji Lockers are a fun way for students to introduce themselves to you.

  • Incorporate links to lessons, readings, classroom resources.
  • Create a whiteboard space for announcements, displaying student work and so much more.
  • Add a background image and other graphics to “decorate” your space.
  • Bitmojis just add a bit of fun. You could insert a photo of the real you also.
  • Create them with Google Slides, PowerPoint, Canvas or any other graphics tool that you like to use.


How did Bitmoji begin?

While it is currently owned by Snapchat, Bitmoji was originally developed by the company Bitstrips, from Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2007, Bitstrips was focused on creating digital comic strips that featured personalized avatars, a concept very similar to Bitmoji.


Where are Bitmoji used?

While Snapchat may own the company, you can still use Bitmoji on a variety of platforms. They are available on Facebook, Gboard, iMessage, and even work-oriented apps like Slack. Bitmoji is also Chrome-friendly and works with Gmail as well. There are also a few unique uses for Bitmoji that Snapchat is trying out, such as Bitmoji for games.


How do I create my own Bitmoji?

Download the app, and get started making an avatar. If you’ve created a personalized digital avatar for other platforms, this process will be familiar for you. You pick out a skin shade, hair color, hairstyle, jawline, chin, nose, eyes, eyebrows, and so on. One reason that Bitmoji is so popular is that the app provides a lot of options for personalization in this area, so it’s worth some time to get right: A common refrain from successful customization is, “How does your Bitmoji look so much like you?”


How Do I Share Bitmoji?

You can share Bitmoji by enabling the Bitmoji keyboard inside your preferred messaging app or by sharing stickers directly from the app. To send emojis in-game, simply open the Bitmoji app, tap on the sticker you want to send, and choose your preferred messaging app from the pop-up list. On the next screen, you’ll enter the recipient’s details, and that’s it. You must unlock the keyboard in your settings to share inside your preferred message or text program. Following the one-time activation, you’ll be able to submit Bitmoji from any of your contact applications.


I’m having trouble logging in on the Chrome Extension, what can I do?

When logging in, it’s important that you log in with the same credentials you signed up with! For example, if you signed up for Bitmoji via Snapchat, you must sign in with your Snapchat credentials – NOT with the email associated with your Snapchat account.

Forgot your password? You can change your password by following these steps:

  • If you created your Bitmoji account using an email address instead of Snapchat Login, request a password reset at this page.


I don't have a Bitmoji, how do I create a Bitmoji to use on the Chrome Extension?

In order to use the Bitmoji Chrome Extension, you first have to create an account with the Bitmoji mobile app. You can download the latest version of the app on your phone from the Play Store.


How do I change my Bitmoji’s outfit in Bitmoji?

In the Bitmoji app, you can change what you’re wearing by tapping on the hanger icon at the bottom of the screen. From there, you have plenty of outfit ideas ready for you


Bitmoji Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
Latest Version September, 3rd 2020 1.4 MB Download

Bitmoji Avatar Creation App Overview

Bitmoji App Download
License Free
Version Latest Version
File Size 1.4 MB
Latest update September, 3rd 2020
Language English
Developer Snap Inc.


In Bitmoji App if you do not have account then, you can download this app and create your customize avatar instantly.


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