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Top 35 TikTok Challenges You Should Watch

A list of the top 35 TikTok challenges ideas to go viral with your TikTok content.

TikTok is one of the best platforms for creating and sharing amusing videos with any type of soundtrack. You can accomplish this using a creative idea you may have or by adhering to the popular TikTok challenges.

These tasks typically involve performing a straightforward action or dancing to a particular song, which you then post to social media for your followers. We have a list of the best apps to get Instagram followers if you want to become more well-known, and many of them work on TikTok as well!

The best course of action is to do what other users are doing and use one of the top TikTok hashtags, but try to complete the challenge in a more intriguing, hipper, or enjoyable manner. If you’re interested, our how to use TikTok guide includes some advice on how to stand out on this platform.

Although all of the challenges we’ve included are safe, it’s important to keep in mind that occasionally there are some risky TikTok challenges. The “benadryl challenge,” in particular, has gained attention and is something you should avoid doing because it could be very harmful.

Now, we’ve made the decision to compile a list of the top and most well-liked TikTok challenges so that our readers can participate in them and succeed. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself greatly while watching them or perhaps even try to find some inspiration to make your own TikTok videos!

1. School bathroom

In this first challenge, a variety of teenagers can be seen filming in the restrooms of their school. Other than the location itself, there is no particular song or theme you should adhere to.

In this unexpected setting, there are those who will dance, those who will put on a comedy skit, and even those who might sing. This challenge may be one where you can use the most creativity on TikTok because of all of these factors.

2. Art challenge

In order to complete this challenge, TikTok users must use their videos to show off their artistic abilities to their followers. You only need to demonstrate a small portion of your creative process. That is, some of the processes involved in producing the art you want to exhibit.

Some people prefer to create something more conventional, like a drawing, but you must keep in mind that some of the most fascinating videos will be about unusual types and styles of art. Undoubtedly, this is one of the TikTok Challenges that has the potential to surprise viewers the most.

3. DNA test

The DNA test challenge has nothing to do with taking an actual, legitimate test, despite what the name might imply. In this exercise, you’ll pretend to be taking a DNA test while listening to Lizzo’s song Truth Hurts.

However, you will only “find out” a trait that in some way defines you, not whether someone is related to you by blood or your ancestry. It could be a sort of joke or something grounded in reality, like, say, your nationality.

4. “Respect the drip”

It is suggested that you select your strangest and most mismatched outfit for this challenge and only reveal it from the legs up. When you film a mirror at the end of your video, you can then reveal how it looks overall.

This one will work better as a skit about a person who is upset that their step-parent doesn’t like the way they dress but doesn’t know why.

5. “Obsessed”

The Obsessed song by musician Mariah Carrey is used in the following TikTok Challenge by the app’s users. People will then dance for the camera while the song is playing, taking only a few steps.

There are many different ways to perform the dance, so you can be very inventive and make it your own. It’s interesting to note that Mariah Carrey completed this challenge on her own, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t either.

6. “Beautiful People”

Here’s another TikTok Challenge that uses a well-known song as the background music. This challenge’s inspiration is much sweeter than the others because the song chosen this time is Beautiful People by the singer Ed Sheeran.

You can find videos in the app where users express their gratitude for their friends, family, and all of their loved ones when you search for this challenge. Specifically, all the Lovely People in their lives.

7. Fake trip

This challenge’s name is pretty self-explanatory since you have to try to use elements of scenery, furniture, and everyday items to make it seem like you’re on vacation. Since it requires you to use your creativity, it can be a lot of fun to do!

Of course, the goal isn’t to fool anyone (for longer than the video), but rather to make people laugh.

8. “Don’t Rush”

In this challenge, the contestant will demonstrate what they might look like right after they wake up and for a brief period of time without applying makeup. Then, as if about to leave their house, they’ll suddenly change into their prettiest version of an object (such as a hairbrush or makeup tool) that was displayed as if they were about to start getting ready.

The next person who will create the challenge video will then catch the object that was thrown by the first person. This makes the challenge one of the most entertaining to watch, especially if you manage to watch all the videos in the right order. Of course, all of this is done with Don’t Rush playing in the background.

9. Flip and Switch

This challenge can be hysterically funny, and it will be even funnier if it is performed by people with wildly divergent personal styles. You can try it out this way because it’s actually one of the reasons that many couples complete this TikTok Challenge.

Two contestants will remain in front of a mirror throughout this challenge and dance to a song (whichever one they choose). You will then alter both your positions and your attire at a specific point in the song!

10. Fingers challenge

Even though the next challenge appears to be much easier, very few people can successfully complete it for an extended period of time. You’ll need to do a finger gun motion with one hand, point it at the other, and hold only four fingers up.

You must switch between both hands as quickly as you can to complete the challenge. Naturally, as you go along, this will get more and more challenging because not only could something go wrong, but your fingers might also start cramping!

11. Plank challenge

Others prefer participating in challenges on TikTok that are focused entirely on physical activity. For example, the planking challenge requires you to complete this particular exercise while listening to any music you choose; for your videos, find the most well-known artists on Spotify.

One really cool feature of this challenge is that you can complete it alone or with a partner, as we did.

12. Handshake

Anyone who enjoys the 1998 film The Parent Trap, which opens with a very specific handshake, will find this to be the ideal challenge.

To put it simply, the goal of the challenge is to duplicate this incredibly difficult handshake with a different person.

13. Questions and answers

You might try doing this one with your significant other. For this particular challenge, you will receive a number of pre-made questions about your relationship, and you will be required to respond by pointing either at yourself or at your partner.

There isn’t much (too personal) information required because the questions are so straightforward. For instance, some of them include things like who struck up the first conversation between you two or the first kiss.

14. You Can Really Dance

One more enjoyable TikTok Challenge that you must complete at the very least in pairs is this one. You will select a song for this one, dance to it somewhat similarly (don’t worry about the choreography), and then act as though you are competing with each other.

You can try to escalate situations or make increasingly absurd videos as a way to attract more attention to yourself. It’s worth a shot because many of the most well-known TikTok users have done it in the past.

15. “A-Punk”

One of the oldest styles of TikTok challenges is this one. After all, all it really asks is for you to dance a certain way to a certain song. The Vampire Weekend band’s song A-Punk was selected.

The step itself is just raising one leg up and trying to dance, but you also have to switch between them, which makes it much more difficult than it appears at first.

16. “No Mercy”

This music challenge might be really cool for those who enjoy video games. Despite the fact that because of its enormous popularity, many Overwatch fans have come to detest it to the point where they can no longer stand it.

In a nutshell, you’ll sing a duet of The Living Tombstone’s song No Mercy while acting out a conversation between two Overwatch players. Although the song itself is quite good, the challenge ultimately spread like wildfire.

17. Stairs challenge

We do not recommend that everyone try doing this TikTok Challenge because it is one of the most challenging and difficult to complete on our list.

This one is a little risky if you’re not coordinated or an experienced dancer because the user who wants to do it has to climb some stairs while dancing on their side.

18. Gummy challenge

Since all that is required of the users to simulate an Adele concert is the use of gummies (in various animal shapes), this challenge is much more entertaining than it actually is difficult to complete.

One of the gummies serves as the singer, and a number of the others serve as the audience. The video will then begin with “Adele” singing the song Someone Like You, but the gummy audience will sing the closing notes.

19. Sharing your work

On our list of TikTok Challenges, this one is unquestionably the coolest. The user is not required to engage in any sort of dancing, comedy routines, or, to be completely honest, pretty much anything else we typically see on apps.

Instead of doing all that, people are just sharing a video that briefly demonstrates what it is they actually do for a living. Given that you’ll learn about some extremely unusual jobs, it’s really something to see.

20. Shoe challenge

In most cases, watching the shoe challenge is much more entertaining than participating in it. The TikTok user will appear in this scene sitting on the ground, dressed, and with music playing.

They will put their shoes on and take them off in front of the camera to the beat of the song, and each time they do it, they must be wearing a completely different outfit.

21. Hit or Miss

This is definitely one of the best TikTok Challenges if you want to embarrass yourself in public. In this one, the person doing the challenge will yell the phrase “Hit or Miss” and then wait to see if anyone there answers.

If they get a response, that will mean there is another TikTok user close by who knows about the challenge. If they don’t, well, just act as if nothing has transpired!

22. Grandparents challenge

The grandparents challenge, which has the potential to be among the cutest TikTok challenges on our list, requires you to convince your grandparents to appear in your TikTok video by performing a dance, typically.

The best part is that the grandparents in the already-uploaded videos actually appear to be having a blast rather than just acting in a way that will please their grandchildren.

23. Young grandparents

Another great challenge that is all about the TikTok user’s grandparents is simply showing them off when they were younger. All you need to do is to upload a photo of how they look like right now and then many of when they were younger.

Not only is this very fun to see, if you do it you’re gonna get that little bit closer to them!

24. Duets

Although it is not that specific, this is one of the types of TikTok Challenges that most people take part in, even today. All you have to do is to find a song that has a duet in it and then sing it with someone else.

This is something you can do when both of you are together, by doing a FaceTime call with your friend or even simply recording individual videos, each for a singer.

25. Karma

This challenge is a way to demonstrate how someone who was deemed ugly can turn into someone who is incredibly beautiful, despite the fact that it is not so obvious and even more so because it is so brief. The user will display that by being disorganized and wearing casual, comfortable clothing.

After that, they will “wipe” the camera with any material (a blanket, a towel, a sheet), revealing a significantly altered version of themselves.

26. Dressed up animals

Of course, you should never force an animal to wear any clothes that make them feel uncomfortable (that means, no dressing up your cats!). Luckily, this is not the case in these TikTok videos.

In these videos, the app’s users will show off their dogs in funny and cute clothes while some music plays!

27. Cosplay

Cosplaying is a well-known pastime, but one of the best challenges you can take part in on TikTok is dressing up as a fictional character and singing a song at the same time. The best advice we can give you is to sing a song that is associated with the cosplay you are wearing.

28. Prank Wars challenge

People have been making videos of themselves pulling practical jokes on each other for a while. The most interesting challenge with this on TikTok is when users engage in prank wars with one another (but remember, only do things that have been agreed upon).

It is possible to pull off multiple pranks in a single video, one after another, or if you’d prefer, upload multiple videos in which the victim of the prank exacts revenge on the prankster.

29. Eating their own fingers

For some reason, the challenge where people pretend that they’re eating their own fingers has become a huge hit on TikTok. Some do it in a very simple way, while others put a lot of effort into it and even show how they prepare or season their fingers.

This is something that first became popular way back when TikTok was still known as, and, believe it or not, people are still doing this challenge.

30. eGirls making up

Since eGirls are one of the most popular TikTok users, we had to include at least one of their favorite challenges. Usually, you’ll see girls dressed in fairly typical/usual attire who later change into stereotypical eGirls.

This entails wearing much more ornate clothing, having colorful hair with a good style, wearing a lot of makeup, and more. Check out the best apps to change hair color. The challenge can also be presented by an eGirl changing into a different object.

31. Lipstick challenge

Though the premise of this challenge is fairly straightforward, completing it is actually quite difficult. Here, all you have to do is dab some lipstick on a thin line in the center of your lip and quickly spread it across the rest of your lips.

The majority of people ended up creating more of a mess than anything else as it quickly became popular among men, women, and everyone else.

32. Rotation

Here we have another challenge example that does seem to be simple, but isn’t so in practice. It asks that the user starts recording themselves in front of a mirror and then rotate their phone as much as they can.

It’s another one that went viral, since people wanted to show off how much they managed to rotate their phones effortlessly.

33. Masculine transformation

This is a challenge done by more feminine TikTok users who want to show off how well they can pull off a “male” stereotype. They start with their usual looks and then show their best imitation of what a “man” should look like. They change everything, including outfit, hairstyles, accessories, and more!

34. Shoe change

The shoe challenge we previously discussed in our list and this challenge are very similar. The distinction is that when you put the shoe on the camera, you won’t change your entire outfit—just your shoes.

It’s a neat way for you to quickly display your entire shoe collection, especially if you have a large variety of shoe styles!

35. Eating to the beat

Anyone who enjoys food a lot should take on this TikTok challenge. After all, it calls for you to consume whatever you please while your video is set to the tune of your choice.

It might take some time to complete it, so stock up on food now!

Did you like the TikTok Challenges?

So, are all of these TikTok Challenges already familiar to you? Have you participated in any of them? Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment. Don’t forget to also look at the most used Instagram hashtags, all of our Instagram bio ideas, and even the best online earning strategies!

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TikTok is where trends begin, which explains why so many people use it. However, as the number of users increases, so do people’s expectations. Thus, if you are a TikToker looking for the best TikTok challenges to take this year, you have come to the right place. The content above will teach you some essential TikTok hacks.


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