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Best Themes for GBWhatsApp App (Free)

GBWhatsApp introduced us to something fascinating – free GBWhatsApp themes, aiming to make the app more exciting to use. These themes, available in various categories and tailored to users’ preferences, offer a unique and personalized experience. Best of all, they can be downloaded for free, allowing users to switch between themes anytime they desire. This introduction of free GBWhatsApp themes provides users with the flexibility to change the look and feel of their WhatsApp interface at their convenience.

Whatsapp themes

Previously, GBWhatsApp allowed users to change the wallpaper on their home screen, but the recent inclusion of these new themes has increased the app’s appeal and made it a necessary addition to users’ devices.

The Best GB WhatsApp Themes Collection

With its unique features, GBWhatsApp has created quite a stir on the internet. This application is simple to install, and once downloaded, users have access to a world of possibilities. GBWhatsApp continues to attract users by increasing group capacity to over 256 members and exploring creative money-making strategies. And now, the addition of captivating themes adds another dimension of intrigue. Here’s a curated list of incredible GBWhatsApp themes to explore and enjoy.


1. Apple iPhone GB WhatsApp ThemeApple iPhone GB WhatsApp Theme

Given the superior design of iPhone apps, it’s logical that a considerable proportion of Android users seek to mimic the elegant aesthetics of an iPhone on their handsets. If you want the coveted “iPhone look” for your GBWhatsApp on Android, you can download the iOS theme specifically designed for GB WhatsApp.

To obtain this theme, simply navigate to the Download Themes section of your GB Settings. Once there, you can quickly find and download the iOS theme, which will instantly modify the appearance of your GBWhatsApp interface to seem like that of an iPhone.

2. Black GB WhatsApp ThemeBlack GB WhatsApp Theme

The Black Theme is another popular choice among GB WhatsApp users.

It’s no secret that many people prefer a dark look for their cellphones. However, as you may be aware, WhatsApp’s default dark mode does not reach a pure black appearance. Instead, it has a dark green color to it.

With the Black theme, you can give your WhatsApp a visually striking, pitch-black appearance. To get this theme, go to your GB Settings and browse to the Download Themes area, where you can quickly download and apply the Black theme, converting your WhatsApp interface into a sleek, black beauty.

3. Age of Ultron Theme

For all you Avengers fans out there (and who isn’t? ), the Age of Ultron theme is sure to pique your interest. This theme provides an immersive experience that is difficult to resist, with a magnificent Ultron wallpaper and complimenting color accents. It’s safe to say you can’t go wrong with this selection!

Simply go to the Download Themes area in your GB Settings to get the Age of Ultron theme for GB/Yo Whatsapp. From there, make a simple search to find and download this amazing theme, which will bring the essence of Age of Ultron to your GBWhatsApp interface.

4. ASK Reality ThemeASK Reality Theme

The appeal of this motif in GB WhatsApp is evident, and for good reason. It strikes a perfect balance, avoiding the unnecessary distractions of other flashy themes, and is known for its clean and minimal style.

Furthermore, if you enjoy Telegram’s aesthetics, you’ll enjoy this theme even more. Its color design blends perfectly with Telegram’s, offering a unified aesthetic experience.

Simply go to the Download Themes page in GBSettings to get this theme. There, you can quickly access and download this intriguing theme, which will improve the look and feel of your GB WhatsApp interface with its appealing and harmonious design.

5. Material Green ThemeMaterial Green Theme

WhatsApp’s default green color palette might be dull and uninteresting. However, thanks to the large number of third-party green themes available on GB WhatsApp, you have ample of options. The Material Green Theme is one of the most popular options.

This theme gives your WhatsApp interface a colorful makeover, with a striking, high-contrast color palette that is sure to catch your eye. To obtain this appealing GB/FM WhatsApp theme, simply navigate to the Download Themes area inside GB Settings. From there, make a simple search for the Material Green Theme and effortlessly begin the download process, transforming your WhatsApp experience into something new and visually appealing.

6. iOS ThemeiOS Theme

The iOS-inspired theme we’re now debating is yet another fan favorite.

Unlike the previously mentioned iPhone theme, this one seeks to precisely duplicate the appearance of the official WhatsApp app on iOS devices – and it succeeds admirably. This theme will pique your interest if you like a sleek, stunning, and minimalist visual style.

Simply browse to the Download Themes area inside GB Settings to download the GB WhatsApp iOS theme. You can quickly access and begin the download process from there, bringing the clean and strong aesthetics of iOS to your GB WhatsApp interface.

7. Material White ThemeMaterial White Theme

If you like minimalism and simplicity, you’ll fall in love with this theme! It has a clean and uncomplicated look that will definitely appeal to those who appreciate simplicity. This theme has a spotless and uncluttered appearance because it is free of any superfluous color distractions.

To get this lovely theme, go to the Download Themes area of GB Settings. You can then easily download and install this clean and minimalistic theme, which will improve the visual attractiveness of your GB WhatsApp interface.

8.ASK Reality Red DarkASK Reality Red Dark

Look no further if you’re looking for a refreshed version of the original ASK theme with a more appealing color scheme. This theme has been designed specifically for you.

Building on the previously described traditional ASK motif, it introduces an eye-catching Red + Black color scheme that emanates both flair and cleanliness. Your GB WhatsApp interface will seem contemporary and sophisticated with this theme.

Simply go to the Download Themes section in GB Settings to download any of the themes described above, including this one. Then, do a search using the theme name of your choice, allowing you to easily download and apply the theme of your choice, increasing the visual attractiveness of your GB WhatsApp experience.

How to Download and Use Themes?

  1. Open GB WhatsApp and tap the three dots located on the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select GBSettings from the dropdown menu.
  3. Look for the Download Themes option and tap on it.
  4. Browse through the available themes and choose the one that catches your interest.
  5. Once you’ve selected a theme, hit the Apply button.GB WhatsApp Chtas Themes ProcessGB WhatsApp will automatically restart to apply the new theme and update the interface accordingly.

If you’ve downloaded a theme from another source and want to use it, you have another choice. Simply click on “Load theme” beneath the Download Themes area to apply the downloaded theme and personalize your GB WhatsApp experience.

How to Delete Downloaded Themes?

To remove downloaded themes from your GBWhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. Open GBWhatsApp and click on the three dots located at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. From the menu that appears, scroll down and find the “More options” section.
  3. Tap on the “Clear” button within the “More options” section.
  4. By selecting the “Clear” button, you will remove the downloaded themes from your GBWhatsApp, restoring the default theme or allowing you to choose a new one.

By following these steps, you can easily remove downloaded themes and revert to the default theme in your GBWhatsApp.

How to Restore the Default GB WhatsApp Theme?

If you prefer the default theme for GB WhatsApp, reverting back to it is a simple process. Follow these steps to restore the default theme:

  1. Open GB WhatsApp on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the three dots located at the top right corner to access the menu.
  3. Scroll down and select “More options” from the menu.
  4. Choose the “Clear” option.
  5. GB WhatsApp will prompt you to restart your mobile device.
  6. Restart your phone as instructed.
  7. Once your device restarts, the default theme will be set for GB WhatsApp.

By following these steps, you can easily switch back to the default theme and enjoy the familiar interface of GB WhatsApp.


With a large range of free themes, the GBWhatsApp apps provides an excellent opportunity to personalize your messaging experience. GBWhatsApp has it all, whether you like a sleek and simple design, an iPhone-inspired interface, or a stunning color scheme. Users can easily download and use these themes to modify their GBWhatsApp interface to fit their individual style and preferences. You may explore the world of GBWhatsApp themes and get the greatest themes that will improve your chatting experience and make a statement. Enhance your GBWhatsApp experience with these amazing themes and enjoy a visually attractive and personalized interface like never before.


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