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7 Best SMS Spy App You Can’t Miss in 2020

Jan 15,2020 - (Free)

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SMS Tracker AppThe New Way to Monitor Cell Phone’s Communication

Text messages or SMS have made our lives so much easier. You can quickly contact your family and friends with just a couple of clicks. SMS are also the most convenient method of communication. Everyone, from teens to adults, has made SMS their primary source of communication.

Why would they not? It is easy, less time-consuming, and discrete! Stuck in a meeting or class and want to let your loved ones know? Drop a text to sweep their worries away.

Just like our use of technology is growing, so is the need for SMS tracker apps. These mobile tracking apps for all kinds of devices have changed the spying game!



Are you tired of being paranoid about your partner’s loyalty? Perhaps he/she is hiding their texts from you. As a parent, are you done being suspicious and always worried about your child’s activities? Well, worry no more! Spying apps such as Cocospy and Spyic are here to save the day. The best part is, you can do all of this without having to install any software.

Are you wondering how to read someone’s SMS messages without installing software; using services such as Cocospy? You have come to the right article then. We have compiled a list of 7 best SMS tracker app to help your spying needs.

1. Cocospy – The Best SMS Tracker App

Cocospy is a world popular and believed the best SMS spy app and mobile tracking system used, trusted, and loved in about 190 + countries by millions of people. This all-round software has allowed them to keep a check on their loved ones who need to be monitored, especially children and teens or even unfaithful spouses.

Please confirm all the points. Cocospy has numerous advanced features to help you get started with your spying! The stealth mode feature lets you spy the target device while being completely invisible. It is highly compatible with all systems and works on iOS and Android both. In both operating systems, NO rooting or jailbreaking is required to use this application.

Cocospy comes with an advanced keylogger that records each keystroke on the target device. That’s a pretty genius invention if you ask me. It comes in handy when you have to spy on SMS or text messages. Cocospy also lets you access text messages and the contacts that are frequently contacted.

Apart from all this, in iOS, you do not need to download the app on the target phone physically. Whereas, in an Android, you have to download the app physically, but it hides after installation.

Cocospy is a market leader for a reason. It has great packages to fit your needs!

Cocospy Set Up

  • First, you need to sign up for a Cocospy account. Your email ID becomes the username.Cocospy best sms spy app

Next, you purchase a monthly Cocospy subscription. You can choose between Premium or Family. You can monitor three devices using the Family Plan.

  • Next, you will have to input the target device’s iCloud credentials. Then, wait for Cocospy to sync with the iCloud account.verify-icloud
  • Case of an Android, for this step, you simply have to download the app on the target phone.
  • Once you have set up your Cocospy account and have downloaded the app, now you can view the SMS and text messages of the target in the dashboard panel.

2. Spyic – A Perfect SMS Tracker

Spyic is one of the easy SMS tracker apps that has many features that make it so much easier to spy. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for beginners. It has this incredible feature that provides full SIM card details such as network and IMEI number. Not only that but when the target person switches the SIM cards, it notifies you!

spyic-android-keylogger-best SMS spy app

As for its one of the best SMS monitoring app and it’s versatile tracking abilities, Spyic notifies you in real-time when text messages are sent/received. If you are easily confused with the number of text messages, you need Spyic as it lets you know the date and time stamps as well as the contact information. This way, you can stay up to date with your child’s/ spouse’s secret life!

There is no rooting or jailbreaking required to use Spyic. It offers excellent features that help you track phone calls, Social Media apps. You can access all the text messages, as well as SMS history too! It also has a keylogger that traces all the keystrokes made on the device and a location tracker as well. All of this is done in stealth mode, which makes it even more efficient!

3. SpyEra

Spyera is also one of the best SMS tracking app that lets everybody track their choice of mobile. On many Android and iOS apps, the Spyera app works. The app is compliant with Android-operated smartphones and tablets. If you have an iPhone in the hands of your target can track it with Spyera.

It is also necessary for anyone to run Spyera on iPhones, Blackberry phones, and Symbian Phones. Spyera models of MAC and Windows are also available.

You should check online accessibility if you pause to see if the device is compliant with your phone model. To do so, go to Spyera’s official website, enter the model of the target device, and wait until details of compatibility appear. You must first jailbreak the iOS to download and install the Spyera software on the target device.  In other terms, for downloading non-compatible apps, the jailbreak. Root access is usually required. But to activate Spyera, you don’t need to root the target device. This software can also work on unrooted android. The app allows you to access text messages easily.

4. TrackMyPhone – An Easy To Use SMS Tracker

TrackMyFone is another great app for spying text messages. From an online control panel, you can read all the messages sent and received directly without physically accessing the device. You can also see their names and contact numbers. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of reading all the text messages, then you can have alerts for certain words, and you will be notified.

TrackMyPhone also offers numerous other features such as call monitoring, text message monitoring, view photos, add watchlist alerts. Not only this, but you can also view internet history, track location, and apply geo-fencing!

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5. BlurSpy

BlurSpy is another effective SMS tracking tool that enables you to monitor all cellphone activities of someone without letting them know. It allows you access to the data on the monitored device in real-time. BlurSpy’s SMS tracker app helps you read all messages sent or received on the device along with the details of the date and time. You can read all these messages at any time through your web-based control panel. BlurSpy notifies you when a text is received/sent by the target device. You can also save all the messages in an excel file.

In addition to all this, BlurSpy can also record calls, surrounding and live screen, block unknown incoming calls, take camera snapshots, track device location. It is also compatible with all Androids and iOS and does not require any jailbreaks!

6. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy, as the name of the app suggests, is a spying app that lets you track or monitor another device in order to get the truth of it all. This tracker app for text messages allows users to spy on incoming and outgoing text messages on the target device, whether its an Android or an iPhone. You can also get the person’s name, contact number, and check the time and date stamps.

Some other exciting features of TheTruthSpy are; GPS tracking, call monitoring, view notes content, and read contact history. It also comes with three different payment plans so you can pick one that fits your needs the best.

7. MobiStealth

Like many other spy software, MobiStealth requires you to use a web interface named StealthClub to spy on a mobile phone or computer. It is a stealth program, as its name implies, that runs in the background without the awareness of the user.

Mobistealth has already been a power to be taken into account, but it has now been brought to a whole new level. There has been introduced a ton of new functionality, making it an ideal choice for people looking for a monitoring solution. Previously, it allowed you to read text messages, log phone calls, display photos, and videos, monitor the position via GPS, and search the list of apps. The team behind Mobistealth wasn’t stopped there, however. It has now produced enough new additions to render it one of the Android market’s most feature-rich control devices.

Each surveillance app offers basic text logging, but mobile messaging applications are often overlooked. This is quite shocking, particularly if consideration is given to their unnecessary usage. The hole was found by Mobistealth and agreed to do it by themselves. Now you can see all the chats on Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber with the help of this app. The three are among the most commonly adopted instant messaging sites, so it certainly helps to be able to keep an eye on them.


As we have already established, spying apps are absolutely necessary for today’s time. If you are doubtful that your children are misusing technology or are involved in illegal activity, mobile tracking apps will be your saving grace.

Looking at the above list, making a decision can be hard as most of the apps offer more or less the same features. What could be a deciding factor is the price point, compatibility, or any additional features that it provides. Since we have discussed all apps and their features, it is safe to say that Cocospy is an all-rounder winner with impeccable features and high efficiency and growing popularity which may establish it as the best SMS tracker App in 2020 for sure.




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