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Best Safe Kid Games Websites

Whether your kids are interested in sharpening their math abilities or delving into various subjects within science and social studies, these engaging interactive activities ensure that learning is not only enjoyable but also enlightening.

Kid Games

These online educational games, designed for a safe school environment, offer youngsters the chance to broaden their knowledge through entertaining activities such as puzzles, memory challenges, and strategic games. Not only will these school-safe learning games keep your young ones engaged during idle moments, but they also provide numerous advantages that can enhance their academic performance.

Best Safe Kid Games

1. ABCya


ABCya is a website offering a diverse collection of free educational games tailored for children in Pre-K through 6th grade. These ABCya learning games are categorized by both grade level and subject matter, encompassing a broad spectrum of subjects such as mathematics, typing, literacy, pattern recognition, word formation, and beyond.


While ABCYa allows kids to enjoy these games for free, it’s important to note that the free version contains advertisements, which can occasionally be bothersome. For an ad-free experience, there is a premium version available. It’s worth mentioning that these games can be played using either a keyboard or mouse, although this may not be the most suitable option for children with hand mobility challenges.

2. FunBrain

Funbrain is a platform that offers a wide array of educational games designed for kids from Pre-K through grade 8. In addition to games, Funbrain provides access to various collections of books, comics, and videos to support students in enhancing their skills in math, literacy, and reading.


One notable aspect of Funbrain is its strong dedication to online safety, as explicitly stated in their Privacy Policy. They prioritize the protection of kids by refraining from collecting any personally identifiable information, making it a secure and enjoyable learning platform for children.

3. Cool Math Games

Cool Math Games provides an extensive selection of free math-based games designed to enhance students’ mathematical proficiency. These games encompass a variety of free-thinking, strategy, and logic challenges. Cool Math Games are user-friendly for students and can be utilized both in educational settings and at home. They cater to a range of learning abilities and cognitive skills. For a more comprehensive understanding, consider exploring the full review of Cool Math Games.
Cool Math Games

4. RoomRecess

RoomRecess is a fantastic website that provides access to school-safe games. Created entirely by an elementary school teacher, its primary objective is to reinforce fundamental learning concepts in math, reading, spelling, language arts, typing, and problem-solving. The best part? No sign-up is necessary.

5. Primary Games

PrimaryGames presents an extensive selection of educational games primarily focused on mathematics and reading. Additionally, the website provides an array of complimentary resources, including printable coloring pages, worksheets, educational videos, and various other learning materials. You’ll also discover a treasure trove of cost-free holiday and seasonal-themed activities, games, coloring pages, and entertaining jokes.
Primary Games

6. Math Playground

Math Playground is an educational website that provides an extensive collection of math-focused games, videos, and interactive activities tailored for students ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade. These games are thoughtfully categorized by subject and grade level, with some aligning to the Common Core Standards.

Math Playground

Math Playground’s offerings encompass a wide range of mathematical topics, including fraction games, division challenges, multiplication exercises, ratio activities, pre-algebra tasks, geometry adventures, and more.

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7. SplashLearn

SplashLearn provides an extensive assortment of enjoyable and engaging online math games. You can easily locate games either by grade level, ranging from Pre-K to grade 5, or by specific mathematical topics using the convenient left sidebar.


For example, the covered topics encompass a wide array of math areas such as number sense, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, algebra, word problems, time, addition, and more. Each of these main topics further includes a variety of subtopics for comprehensive learning.

8. Digipuzzle

Digipuzzle is a website offering a wide array of free online educational games designed for kids. These games are designed to enhance various skills, ranging from mathematics and geography to science and the human body. After personally exploring and trying out several of these games, I found them to be both entertaining and enjoyable.

9. Mr Nussbaum

Mr. Nussbaum offers a captivating collection of entertaining online educational games designed for use with children and students. These games often include instructional videos and supplementary materials to assist learners in their gameplay. Topics covered in these games encompass a diverse range, including math, science, language arts, history, geography, and more.
Mr Nussbaum

10. BrainPOP Jr.

BrainPOP Jr. serves as an educational platform designed for children from kindergarten through third grade. Within BrainPOP’s comprehensive resources, you’ll find a wealth of educational assets, including animated movies, learning games, interactive quizzes, lesson concepts, and complete lesson plans, among other engaging activities.

BrainPOP Jr.

BrainPOP Jr.’s extensive resource library encompasses more than 250 curricular topics spanning Science, Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Health, and various other subjects, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

11. Prodigy

Prodigy Math Game is an online platform for game-based learning, specifically designed to assist students in honing their mathematical skills through enjoyable and immersive games. As students actively participate, Prodigy employs an adaptive algorithm to present math questions aligned with the curriculum and offers in-game rewards to captivate and sustain their focus on the educational journey.


Are these games suitable for all age groups?

The games mentioned in this article are typically designed for kids in various age groups, from Pre-K to grade 6 and beyond. Each game may have its recommended age range, so it’s advisable to check the specific details for each game.

Are these games completely free to play?

Many of the games listed here do offer free versions with a range of features. However, some also have premium or ad-free versions available for a fee. It’s a good idea to explore the specific website or platform for more details on pricing.

Are these games aligned with educational standards?

Yes, some of the games mentioned, especially those designed for school use, are often aligned with educational standards such as Common Core. It’s recommended to check the details provided by each game or platform to confirm their alignment with specific standards.

Can these games be played on mobile devices?

Most of the games mentioned are accessible on various devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. However, it’s a good idea to check the compatibility and system requirements on the respective websites or app stores.

How do I ensure my child’s online safety while playing these games?

Many of the websites mentioned, especially those designed for kids, prioritize online safety. They often have strict privacy policies and do not collect personally identifiable information. However, it’s always advisable for parents and guardians to supervise and guide their children’s online activities.

Are there any educational resources like worksheets or videos available on these platforms?

Yes, several of these platforms offer additional educational resources such as worksheets, videos, and lesson plans to complement the gaming experience. It’s worth exploring each platform to discover the full range of resources they provide.

Do these platforms require users to create accounts or sign up?

Most of the platforms mentioned in this article do not require users to create accounts or sign up. They often offer free access without the need for registration, making it convenient for kids to start playing right away.

Can these games be used in a classroom setting?

Yes, many of these games are suitable for both home and classroom use. Some are explicitly designed for educational purposes and align with curriculum standards, making them valuable tools for educators.

Are there options for kids with special needs or disabilities?

While these platforms offer a wide range of educational games, some may be more suitable for kids with specific learning needs or disabilities. It’s advisable to explore each game’s features and adaptability to meet individual learning requirements.

Do these games offer any parental control features?

Some of the games and platforms may offer parental control features, allowing parents or guardians to monitor and manage their child’s gaming experience. It’s recommended to check the specific features available on each platform for parental control options.


the world of online educational games offers a diverse and engaging way for children to learn. These school-safe games, like ABCya, FunBrain, and Cool Math Games, provide opportunities to enhance academic skills while prioritizing online safety. Additionally, platforms like RoomRecess, SplashLearn, and Prodigy offer a range of educational games to suit various learning needs. Overall, these online resources ensure that learning is not only enjoyable but also educational, making them valuable tools for children’s academic development.


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