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12 Best Omegle Alternatives to Chat with Strangers

Omegle generated a sensation when it was launched in 2009 with the innovative concept of partnering strangers from all around the world via chat. A month later, a video conference capability was added, enhancing the overall experience. Due to the site’s rapid oversaturation in recent years, however, a growing number of individuals are seeking alternative chat services. We have therefore compiled a list of the best omegle alternatives.


1. The Chat hub

Similar to Omegle, ChatHub is a totally free anonymous chatting website that allows you to text or free video chat with strangers. It is quite simple to use and requires no registration to begin. Two types of chatrooms exist. The Main room is intended for simple conversation, but the Adult area is designed for flirtation and similar activities. There are also complex settings that allow you to just match with people who are on camera or to communicate with folks using only your voice. There is also a genre filter, however it requires a $14.99/month Plus subscription in order to be utilized.

best omegle alternative chathub


  • You have the option to exclude possible companions depending on their native language or country of origin. This allows you to express yourself more effectively and discover more shared interests. Currently, only English, Spanish, and Arabic are available, however the list of nations is quite extensive.
  • Great mobile compatibility: although not having an official mobile app, the ChatHub website is very compatible with smartphones and tablets and can be accessed via a mobile browser, allowing you to text or speak from the comfort of your mobile device.
  • This filter can be toggled to prevent ever matching with the same user more than once.

2. Chatspin

Chatspin is a useful website to talk with random people online. Chatspin, like Omegle, lets you meet new people, create online friends, and chat. Chatspin’s cool and fantastic features help users make the most of it. This platform’s UI ensures user anonymity. Anonymity ensures user security, making this the preferable platform.

It is always full of online users. These users want to chat with like-minded folks. Chatspin’s ease-of-use makes it desirable.

Chatspin’s functions can be used without registering. This platform offers easy video conversation. Instantaneous communication is possible. Chatspin’s random webcam chat feature is very tempted for many reasons. Let’s look at Chatspin’s undisputed leadership:

best omegle alternative chatspin


  • Anonymizer: Chatspin is completely anonymous. The platform doesn’t ask for private info or account links. This protects your identity. No data is displayed.
  • Rapid response: Chatspin has spontaneous connections. There’s no delay. Instantaneous communication is possible. Connections don’t buffer or lag. Chatspin will connect you with a stranger whenever you want to converse using video. Due to the platform’s large user base, there are constantly people waiting to connect. This global use lets you chat with anyone.
  • No Sign-Up: Popular dating platforms can be tricky. Constructing a profile, choosing a photo, and creating the perfect profile are difficult. Sometimes the problems are so great that dating is abandoned. Chatspin’s popularity is clear. It doesn’t require a profile, photo, etc. Just give your smartphone camera permission to start cam chatting.
  • Top-notch: Chatspin beats premium video chat systems. Because of its convenience. More individuals are joining Chatspin’s seamless cam chats every day.


3. Chatroulette

Chatroulette has been nearly as long as Omegle and is one of the easiest platform for online video chat with strangers. The website employs a money system that offers you with 30 coins to begin with and 30 extra for every minute you spend in chat. You receive an additional 8 points whenever someone chooses you, and you lose 5 points whenever you look for another individual.

best omegle alternatives chatroulette


  • The website’s layout is really straightforward and gets you started immediately. After a brief overview of the monetary system, you can immediately begin a conversation.
  • Chatroulette has a very simple monetary system in place to screen out trolls and other people that move from chat to chat without hesitation. In essence, you gain coins the longer you remain in a chat and spend them when switching to a new one.
  • Image recognition algorithm: this complex piece of technology automatically filters out inappropriate content and identifies the individual who broadcasted it in the first place, resulting in an overall user-friendly platform.

4. LiveMeeting

LiveMe (Web | Android | iOS) enables you to engage in video chatting, but from a different angle. It is a prominent live-streaming social network that allows users to broadcast themselves to millions of users across the world. It resembles the wildly successful game-streaming site Twitch. If you’re not in the mood to broadcast yourself, you can always explore the different streamers and communicate with them or other viewers.

It is an app-based platform that you can download for free on your mobile device, while you can also view films on a desktop computer if you want. If you choose to broadcast, however, you must do so from your smartphone or tablet. LiveMe has an in-app currency known as Coins that can be earned through activity and purchased from the app store for cash. VIP privileges, which can be purchased for $1.19 and 69 coins, unlock a variety of additional features, including the VIP badge, ID label, group chat box, replay, and more.

live me is one of the best omegle alternatives


  • Live chat and video call: you can invite your friends to join you on a video call or chat, or start a group call with up to nine participants with the Multi-beam feature.
  • Group creation: You can create groups on a certain issue in the hopes that like-minded others would join you in a lively discussion.
  • Plenty of stickers and filters: You can add stickers or alter the overall filter of your broadcast or video call to make it more customized and engaging.

5. Tinychat

Tinychat (Web | Android | iOS) is an online chat site that enables users to create a room immediately. Here, you can communicate with others via text, voice, and video chat. The topic of the room can be anything you choose to discuss with others. It is a relatively simple platform that functions equally well on mobile devices and computers.

Most rooms do not permit simple visitors, thus you will need to create an account whether you intend to create or join a room. You may also share your room on your social network accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to attract new participants.

Tinychat has three membership levels, beginning at $4.14 per month. Pro is the entry-level tier, which gives a green nickname highlight, high-quality movies, no advertisements, and Pro badges. The Extreme tier grants the same benefits, as well as a purple name, Extreme badges, priority listing, and the opportunity to join several rooms. The Gold tier adds a gold nickname, badges, and unrestricted video viewing in your room to the previous benefits.

best omegle alternatives tinychatHighlights:

  • Virtual store: Here you may purchase a selection of presents for other users as well as monthly or annual membership upgrades.
  • Find people near you: The service makes it simple to find people close to you by providing a separate category that can be accessed from the main screen.

6. EmeraldChat

EmeraldChat has no reservations about being a direct alternative to Omegle. Registration is highly suggested so that you can choose a nickname and add further information to your profile. The intelligent matching mechanism on EmeraldChat matches you with individuals who share your interests.

Similarly to the original Omegle website, you can converse solely through text on EmeraldChat if you choose. Additionally, video chat is accessible. You may unlock Emerald Gold for $3.89 and have access to genre and karma level filters, among other features.

best omegle alternative emeraldchat


  • Constant moderation: the website is actively regulated and employs a clever point system to deter bots and undesirable users. In addition to moderators, the website has an automated mechanism that enforces rules when users violate them.
  • Karma system: All users begin the Karma system with zero karma points. They can award others positive or negative points following each conversation. If you accumulate too many bad points, the system or a moderator may restrict your account. In addition, giving a person a poor score will require a CAPTCHA on their account, thereby preventing bots from logging in.

7. CamSurf

CamSurf (Web | Android | iOS) is a great alternative to Omegle that is extremely user-friendly and has an attractive UI. Setting up an account is simple, and you can begin chatting instantly. CamSurf allows you to filter chatters by nation, allowing you to converse with someone from a certain region. Be sure to specify your genre before you begin conversing.

CamSurf also offers a $19.99 a month subscription tier that enables a gender filter, private chat, and reconnecting options. Additionally, you can connect your Instagram account to the service to gain more followers.

best omegle alternative camsurf


  • Personalized interactions: CamSurf allows you to enter your hobbies so that you can connect with people who share your enthusiasm. Remember to add them before you begin chatting.
  • Fast servers: The website uses premium servers to facilitate quick connections and high-quality video streaming.

8. Shagle

Shagle is an elegant chat platform that connects you instantaneously to folks from around the world. Simply choose your genre and begin conversing. If you desire anonymity, you will find that Shagle does not need you to use the camera if you so choose. Choose the text-only version, which is far safer.

Many of Shagle’s features are accessible to free users, such as the genre and country filters. If you pay for a membership, you can additionally conceal your location, display a verified badge, and use the reconnect feature. Everything for $19.99 each month

shagle is one of the best alternatives to omegle


  • Virtual gifts: When you meet someone you like, would you like to send them something to help them remember you? You can send a variety of virtual gifts to your chat partners on Shagle.
  • Private chats: Private chats are a premium option, but they are worth mentioning here. Chats on Shagle are encrypted and unmoderated for utmost privacy.
  • Interests-based selection:  By allowing you to add interests in the My Account section, Shagle fosters tailored interactions based on your own interests.


Our list concludes with ChatRandom (Web | Android | iOS). It connects you to random video chat with strangers from every corner of the globe. The platform includes a handbook and many tips on how to talk with strangers. Prior to initiating a conversation, ChatRandom allows you to select your gender and type in your hobbies so that the other person has more information about you.

As with the majority of services on our list, ChatRandom allows you to upgrade to premium in order to gain access to additional features, such as gender filters, hiding your location, and a “verified” symbol.

chat random with webcam


  • Catchy UI: With a combination of baby blue, dark blue, and white, ChatRandom’s user interface is aesthetically pleasing. It is colorful and inviting, and the homepage features numerous helpful messages.
  • Fun Masks: unwilling to reveal your complete face? There are a variety of entertaining masks you may use to spice up your video chats.

10. Meetzur

Meetzur may not have a stunning user interface, but it’s still an excellent alternative to Omegle. It is exclusively text-based, therefore you cannot connect your camera. There is no need to create an account or perform other laborious tasks in order to initiate a chat. In just seconds after pressing the “Chat Now” button, you will be linked with a stranger. Meetzur’s basic design can be a breath of fresh air for those who prefer faceless, anonymous connections.

chat with strangers on meetzur - best omegle altarnatives


  • Enhanced chat: Meetzur allows you to add emoticons and images to your talks, so enhancing them.
  • Nicknames: Nicknames: talk as Stranger or add your own nickname. You can also mention your genre if you so wish.
  • No sign up required: Meetzur does not require you to provide your email address or phone number; only press a button to begin chatting.

11. Y99

Y99 is another web-based chat service that does not require registration prior to use. The good news is that setting a moniker does not need you to disclose your email address or other details. Obviously, you may do so if you deem the endeavor worthwhile.

Y99 emphasizes chat rooms. You can join several rooms based on different subjects and interests, or you can create your own. Then you can initiate conversation with individuals who seem intriguing. Y99 also provides the opportunity to engage in random conversations with strangers.

best omegle alternative Y99


  • Extended chat experience: It is possible to send emoji, images, and audio messages while talking with random strangers on Y99. If you’ve established rapport with the person, you may call them if you so choose.
  • Meme hub: Meme chat rooms provide pleasant diversions if you find yourself growing bored with your talks.

12. Ablo

Ablo (Android | iOS) is a chat application that links you with random individuals from around the world. It features an engaging interface in the form of a map. When you’re ready to begin chatting, hit the pink button with the paper airplane in the centre, and Ablo will find you a conversation partner. You have the option between text and video chat.

Ablo stores your chat history with strangers, so you can view it later via the “Messages” page, even if the other participant has left the conversation. You can try again by sending them a fresh text message.

Ablo is only accessible as a mobile app, so if you want to talk on your computer, you’ll have to choose one of the programs listed above that also has a web version. You can use Ablo for free, but you must purchase in-app payment to use genre and country filters. For instance, 100 can be purchased for $0.99. Or, you can receive 5 free tokens by watching an advertisement.

ablo app for chat with strangers online


  • Discover tab: you can discover others using the app and see their video chats. Others can join the party, and you can communicate with them through messages. You can send a message to any of them, including the person who is conducting the video chat, by tapping on their moniker.
  • Send gift: Ablo offers an in-app money that can be used to purchase gifts for individuals you wish to impress. You can earn this currency by conversing within the application, but if you run out, you can always purchase more with real-world currency.

Omegle: Frequent Ask Questions

Omegle does not work with my camera (and these services). What should I do?

If your Windows PC cannot locate or connect to your camera, there could be a number of causes, including a malfunctioning driver or interference from your antivirus software. If your Windows camera doesn’t work, and not just when using a chat service on your PC, try these fixes. Here’s how to fix a faulty camera on macOS if you’re a Mac user.

Is it safe to use Omegle (and its alternatives)?

Whether you’re using an Omegle replacement or an app like Facebook, talking to random individuals online has the potential to be deadly.

To protect yourself from scams and other hazards, you should never share personal or identifying information with individuals you meet online. Even though some of these chat sites are tightly controlled, bots, scammers, and other nefarious users are nonetheless prevalent.

In addition, there is the question of privacy to consider, as the majority of these services require camera access in order to function; only a few offer text-only versions. You can always use a chat service such as ChatRandom (where you can simply cover your identity with a virtual mask) or Meetzur to preserve your privacy (which relies only on text-based interactions).

These chat services are not advised for users under the age of 18, as they may expose them to improper material and online predators. Some of these apps have an age restriction of 18 or older, however this restriction is very easy to circumvent.

Can Omegle conversations be traced?

But, are your conversations truly Anonymous? No, the service records and saves all of your chats. You are no longer anonymous if you have disclosed your personal information, such as your name, phone number, or email address, with anyone through the site.

How do I view my Omegle (and other chat app) history?

In the majority, you cannot. The purpose is anonymity, so after you leave a conversation, its contents will no longer be accessible to you. There are, however, exceptions like Ablo and EmeraldChat, where prior talks can be viewed.

How long does Omegle keep chats for?

The Omegle privacy policy specifies that the following data is stored on its servers for 120 days: “the time your conversation began, your IP address, a randomly-generated ID tag allocated to your computer, your chat partner’s IP address, and your chat partner’s randomly-generated ID tag.”


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