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The Best Gaming Mouse for Your Gamer Girlfriend

Dec 19,2019 - (Free)

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First of all, it is worth saying that each mouse, the best of its kind, will be assigned to a specific genre or a purpose. After all, you can’t compare “The Joker” and “Frozen,” while trying to figure out the best movie, they are completely different.

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The Best MMORPG Mouse – Razer Naga

The industry of this genre is developing incredibly fast, and, in addition to the well-known titan of the RPG genre – World of Warcraft, there is an incredible number of other creations of this genre, many of which are preparing to compete with it in popularity. In the world of orcs and elves, vampires and werewolves, gnomes, and other fantasy creatures, you always need to stay alert and be prepared for battle. Although the accuracy of your sight and the reaction speed are of no use, the convenience of using the mouse will be very useful during raids and journeys through the dungeons for many hours, and many mouse keys will help simplify the casting of some spells.

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This is the best choice for the genre. A large number of mouse buttons gives the player the opportunity to bind them to the necessary spells and be ready to respond to any unexpected attack. The buttons are located in convenient places, and you can easily reach them with your thumb, without worrying about the fact that the button accidentally clicks by itself. The mouse can easily be tuned to a frequency of 1000 Hz so that the delay will be almost unnoticeable, and the mouse will become your virtual hand if that makes any sense.

The Best Mouse for Shooters – Corsair Vengeance M65 

If you can still survive in the MMORPG genre by not having the coolest mouse, in shooters, the choice of the mouse is of primary importance. When choosing a mouse for this genre, you should abandon the heap of buttons and focus on other things: correctly selected mouse size, high DPI and, of course, a comfortable mouse position in the hand. Among the many contenders for the role of the best mouse for shooters, it is worth highlighting the Corsair Vengeance M65.

This mouse has eight buttons, and one unique key, very important for any sniper, that can slow down DPI and give you the ability to aim as accurately as possible. Also, this model consists of several weights, by changing which you can adjust the mouse directly for yourself. For a gamer, this mouse will become not just a weapon, but an indispensable ally in any game.

The Best RTS Mouse – Razer Death Adder

Real-time strategies (RTS) mean that to control multiple units we need something accurate and fast, something high-quality and elegant. Buttons are useless to us, so you should forget about them. Here we need only constant control and a mouse that can give that control to us.

The best mouse for the RTS genre is the Razer DeathAdder. Razer is great at distributing the best gaming mouse models for different genres of games on the market. There is nothing superfluous in this mouse: a smooth surface and pleasant material are just what an RTS gamer needs. Undoubtedly, this mouse is ready to become the scepter of power in the hands of its owner. If you are dating your best friend and they happen to be a fan of RTS games – this will be a great choice for a gift.

A Universal Gaming Mouse – Bloody Gun3 Headshot V8

A combination of a small price and universal functionality is an excellent choice for a gamer. Among the distinguishing characteristics, one can distinguish a good response time, high DPI, and several functional buttons, the number of which does not interfere with the mouse and are quite comfortably located in general. The mouse’s design does not have the usual A4Tech style, but it still is quite an attractive mouse to look at.

The rag sheath of the USB cable complements the look. One of the features of the mouse is additional settings, the drivers for which can be downloaded on the manufacturer’s website. By using these drivers, you can set up keys, do the necessary calibration, as well as create macros.

A Universal Gaming Mouse – Lenovo Legion M200

The Lenovo Legion M200 gaming optical mouse is an excellent programmable mouse and assistant for beginner gamers, which is quite inexpensive and is a great budget option for any gamer in general. The mouse itself is black and has as many as 16 million backlight colors. It also has 5 programmable buttons for control during computer games, which are conveniently located for pressing with the thumb of the right hand. It’s very easy to click on them, and the buttons fire instantly, which is what is required in various games. It has an optimal size, which is suitable even for the owner of a medium and large hand.

In the mouse, there is not only backlighting but also 4 switching modes with a reliable braided wire, which is protected from fracture and scratching. Such a mouse may well be considered universal and is suitable for games such as PUBG, Battlefield, and other competitive games. But unfortunately, it has its own drawbacks, and one of them is the remote dpi switch button – it is too far back and has a shallow stroke, which makes it very uncomfortable to press it.

Having dealt with the type of grip, you can move on to another, equally important characteristic of a computer mouse, depending on the size of the hands of the owner. Very often you can buy a mouse and only then discover that it is too small and your fingers literally rub against the mat.

Big Hand Mouse – Logitech G502

Owners of big hands will be happy with this option. Ergonomic and simple gaming mouse boasts good versatility and is suitable for any game. A good laser will provide high accuracy in shooters, a huge number of buttons will be great for a virtuoso of RPG games, and the weight system will give you the ability to adjust this mouse to your liking.

Small Hand Laser Mouse – Etekcity® Scroll T-142

It is worth saying that it is quite difficult to find a small gaming mouse because in this small body there is rarely a place to fit all the necessary number of buttons and features that are required for gaming. This mouse, although it cannot compete with other models for gamers, is still suitable for those who have nothing to choose from.



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