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Beaker Web Browser For Windows To Online Surf All Websites 2021

Dec 3,2020 - Beaker Team (Free)

106 MB (Safe & Secure)

New web browsers don’t really make the news too much. But when a new innovative browser comes out, it usually stays ahead of the competition by raising the bar. Did a web browser ever capture your attention or get you interested in it? If so, keep on reading because you might like the Beaker Browser and what it can do for you.

This browser is unique because it can create websites and host them. It is a peer-to-peer browser system that is decentralized and includes all the proper tools and features for getting started. There are no 3rd party components needed here either.

“I was in the room when Sundar convinced Eric Schmidt that it would be possible to unseat Internet Explorer as the world’s most popular browser.”
– Chris Sacca

Beaker Browser Download For Windows

Pros and Cons of Beaker Browser

Pros Cons
User-friendly Does not support browser extensions
Uses peer-to-peer technology
Plain interface
Easy file downloads

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10  (For 32-bit and 64-bit)

Main Features of Beaker Browser

Host websites and share files with just a few clicks, without having to leave the browser’s window At the heart of Beaker, we can find the Chromium engine and Dat, a peer-to-peer system, decentralized network capable of securely (thanks to end-to-end cryptography technologies) hosting and sharing your projects for free.

To summarize, with the help of Beaker you can create HTML/CSS/JS websites, add files, and share them via special URLs, and, of course, browse the web in the typical manner you’ve come accustomed to. Since we’re on the subject it’s also worth pointing out that Beaker provides you with a useful set of Web APIs for reading, writing, and watching Dat archives from within a website, as well as for web apps that don’t live on the user device and don’t require remote services.

With the basics taken care of, and if you’re ready to start using Beaker, you’ll notice that the browser does a good job at hiding all the tools that make it stand out from the crowd, boasting a distraction-free, pragmatic user interface. Every single tool is readily accessible from the browser’s typical hamburger menu, from the upper left side of the main window.

Browse or build websites; everything is possible with Beaker Browser
To start off, select the “New site” option and input all the necessary info. Please note that all your websites are readily accessible from the Library section of the browser, from where you can also publish your files on your website.

As mentioned before, Beaker is relatively decent when it comes to sharing files as well. You merely have to provide the recipient with a bespoke URL, and he or she can effortlessly download the files directly from your computer. Other highlights include the possibility to fork a website, native Markdown rendering, and the super-useful and self-explanatory live reloading tool.

The silent hero that makes peer-to-peer web hosting a lot easier
To conclude, Beaker Browser is without a doubt one of the most interesting browser projects we’ve seen for quite some while now. It sports very powerful technologies all while remaining incredibly user-friendly.

It may not be the fastest, the most customizable, or the best looking browser out there, but marked on capabilities alone, this has to be one of the most versatile and well-thought-out browsers to date, and there’s a good chance it will become a favorite browser for web developers. Even better, if you don’t need o to create websites, Beaker Browser might still appeal to you thanks to its simple peer-to-peer filesharing artistry system.

Screenshots of Beaker Browser

Official Video Intro Beaker Browser

Beaker Browser

  • IPFS
  • ZeroNet
  • Freenet
  • Hypercore Protocol
  • Solid
  • The Web
  • Hashbase

Beaker Browser Overview

Technical Specification

Version 2021
File Size 106 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Beaker Team


The Beaker Browser project is definitely interesting on a lot of levels. It features a lot of innovative technologies and is quite user-friendly. These technologies make the browser one of the more versatile browsers available. However, it is not the most attractive or most customizable, either. In fact, it is not even fast. But most web developers still prefer this web navigator because of all its other features alone. And even if you don’t create websites, you can still use the browser for P2P file sharing.


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