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Backblaze is a solution that provides companies with a reliable and low-cost platform where they can securely backup their data on the cloud. The solution offers unlimited backup for all kinds of users, regardless of file type and size. It is an ideal backup service provider for both personal and business type of users. Data protection is also guaranteed, thanks to the system’s military-grade encryption with SSL connections.

Aside from personal and business clients, Backblaze has expanded to provide cloud-based secure backup services for developers and IT. This allows developers and IT teams to create their own cloud storage solutions as well as host content or build their own applications.



Backblaze Features

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited File Sizes
  • Scheduled and Automated Backups


  • Continuous Backup



  • Version Saving
  • Restore and Access


  • Unlimited Backup Speeds
  • Unlimited File Types
  • Unlimited External Drives

view/restore files

  • Hard Drive Restore Program

Backblaze Benefits

What makes Backblaze a very popular data backup service among individual users, corporations, and developers/IT teams? For one, it is a very friendly and low cost online back up service. With Backblaze being a very powerful tey budget-friendly backup solution, it is no wonder why many people prefer to back up their data and other information with the system.

Aside from the price, the biggest advantage Backblaze brings to the table is that you can set it up and forget its there doing what it is supposed too. Once everything is set up and running, Backblaze automatically backs up your data to a cloud server without you performing any functions. Plus, it works on both Windows and Mac systems. You can also transfer data back and forth between the two operating systems without any hitch.

Data protection is a critical component in choosing a backup service. Backblaze shields all the data processed and stored within the system by compressing and encrypting them with AES military-grade encryption. After this, the data is moved to its cloud server through a very secure SSL connection. You can also implement and use your own private encryption key.

Another glaring benefit Backblaze provides to its users is that you can back up all the data you want and not worry about storage. All account types can back up unlimited amounts of data. You can set the backup process to be a continuous operation or schedule a specific time for the system to perform data backup.

One more great feature is the Hard Drive Restore program in which you can have the hard drive or flash drive with all your files send by FedEx right to your doorstep in any place in the world. While you do have to initially pay for the physical drive you can easily send it back once you recover your files and get a full refund.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Unlimited backup Private encryption not end-to-end
Low cost Limited to one computer
Easy to use No mobile backup
Backup by file type Versioning limited to 30 days
Block-level backup
Bandwidth speed up  
External hard drive backup
Sharing capabilities
Mobile file access
Courier recovery
File versioning
Strong security features
Live chat support

How Much Does Backblaze Cost?

Personal Backup – $5/month Business Backup – $50/computer/year B2 Cloud Storage – $0.005/GB a month
Unlimited Online Backup Unlimited Data Backup First 10 GB Free
Restore and Access Unlimited File Size Unlimited Data Backup in the Cloud
Personal Key Unlimited Backup Speeds
Native Software Unlimited File Types
SSL Encryption Unlimited External Drives
Automatic or scheduled backups Continuous and Automatic Backup Frequency
Auto throttling or set your own upload limit Supports Mac and Windows
Notification of Backup Status

Technical details

Devices Supported Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based
Language Support English
Pricing Model Monthly payment
Customer Types Small Business, Large Enterprises, Medium Business, Freelancers
Deployment Cloud Hosted
Download Backblaze For Windows download
Download Backblaze For Mac 





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