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Avocode is a Sketch Design software that enables users to auto-generate image assets and convert them to code-ready files. It provides users with robust features for design inspection and management, team collaboration, and file conversion.

It is SSL-encrypted cloud support, synced and up-to-date on all devices and at everyone’s disposal. team members are instantly notified about each and every change that takes place. And with the future code editors and file-sharing services integration, Avocode will become even more appealing to designers. Avocode is a tool in the Interactive Mockups category of a tech stack.
One of Avocode’s missions is to assist you in organizing your designs into different projects. It even offers a sample project as an example to help you get an overview of its capabilities and understand how it can help your team of designers.
Avocode Sketch Design Software

Avocode Sketch Design Features

Open .psd & .sketch without Photoshop & Sketch

Avocode renders Photoshop and Sketch designs on its own. Therefore you can open and inspect any design you upload to Avocode. On any OS and without designer’s tools.


Avocode Sketch Design without open sketch

Export CSS, Swift, Android & React Native code from a design

Generate concise CSS, Less, Sass, Less, SCSS, Stylus, Swift, Android, & CSS in JS code including layer and font styles, units in px, pt, and dp and colors in HEX, UIcolor or HEX8.

Export images up to @4x or xxxhdpi resolution

Selects a layer, multiple layers or a slice of the design and export it as an image. Add more variants for various resolutions. You can even upscale and export vector shapes to fit any desktop, iOS or Android screen.

Avocode Sketch Design assets-export

Handpicked #BADA55 colors

Manually copying colors and converting them that is so yesterday. Just pick a color and the color code will be immediately added in your clipboard, so you can paste it where you need it.

Export text layers as plain text, images or Html code

When you select a text layer, you can export it as an image, copy plain text or copy text with HTML tags. The STYLES panel will show you everything like font-family, font-weight, and font-size.

Precise measurements, no eye-balling

Instantly grab any size or distance. Add, move, and remove guides that allow you to check precise alignment. You can also use them to measure a distance from any object to any place.

Define anything as a variable

You can customize the code output by hiding and reordering its parts. Define and replace any value in the code as a variable and it will automatically appear in the exported code.

Share designs and invite team members

Let your fellow developer extract all design specs on his own in the app. You can either invite team members who need to inspect the design or share a public link with people who only need to comment.

Sync .psd and .sketch via a plugin

You can literally stay in Photoshop or Sketch app to upload a design or a revision to the tool. Install plugin hit sync and the design will suddenly appear in your cloud.

Select an area of the design and comment on top of it

Discuss everything, explain your thinking and leave feedback via comments literally on top of the design to your colleagues. Highlight any area, add, reply, and solve comments with your team in real-time.

Manage who sees what

Invite team members, freelancers, and contractors and manage their permissions for specific projects in your team. Share a preview of the design via a public link to third parties and let them comment.

One place for all of your designs

Upload designs to the cloud, sync versions and design settings (scale, platform, units) with your team. Let your team members access, inspect and download the newest design revisions 24/7.

All revisions in your vision

Re-design as much as you want. The program works as an up-to-date repository for all your design versions. You can simply stack revisions on top of each other and then compare them side by side visually.

Zero time for safekeeping yet so safe

The second you upload your design to the cloud, it becomes accessible to your team. Everything you upload in the tool is encrypted with an SSL certificate, so your design stays truly yours.

Sort designs and search in your projects

The app lets you work on as many projects as you want. Once you upload any design, sort it accordingly. If you’re looking for something just type it in the search bar or hit SPACE to preview your design.

Avocode app renders PSD/Sketch designs on any OS

Opening Sketch on Windows or PSD on Linux is just the beginning of what’s possible with Avo code. Each design you open will be rendered pixel perfect and downloaded so you can access it even when you lose an Internet connection.

What’s new in Avocode

Confluence integration

We’re introducing another addition to our Company plan – Avocode for Confluence. It enables you to embed designs and symbols from Avocode into your Confluence pages and docs with previews that always reflect the latest version in Avocode.

New design preview thumbnails

We have redesigned the design files and subfolder thumbnails to help you see what’s inside without having to open every folder. The previews are generated from the latest four uploaded and processed design artboards inside the given folder.


  • Your projects now load faster. You’ll notice the difference, especially if you have a lot of projects or if you are working within more teams inside Avocode.
  • We have updated the list of currently available Integrations in the Team settings.
  • Based on many user requests, we have disabled the option to download source files for Guest users.

Bug fixes

We have fixed a rendering issue that sometimes added a white shadow behind bitmap layers in Adobe XD files. We have fixed a bug that appeared when selecting vector shape icons from Figma files in the Inspect mode.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
It is time-saving for designers There are no limits to the platform except that it is not yet available for commercial use. It is in the testing phase.
It allows automatic asset sync
The platforms support different design formats including Sketch.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
additional information Graphics Card with the full support of WebGL

Technical Specification

Title Avocode 3.9.4
File Name Avocode Setup 3.9.4.exe
File Size 98.7MB
Language English
License Free to trail
Author Avocode, Inc. https://avocode.com

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