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Avira Free Antivirus Software is one of the most popular antiviruses at the moment thanks to both its great features and the fact that it’s free to download. It’s an extremely easy to use application that’s known for its high virus detection rate, which makes it one of the best security suites on the market.

Avira Free Antivirus Software includes preset profiles that let you scan locations such as local disks, my documents file, the Windows installer folder, system processes, removable drives, etc. The application protects all of your information and is able to block all types of malicious software, including thousands of viruses, worms, trojans, and spyware through its Safe Browsing technology.

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Avira Antivirus features

Avira Free antivirus software review comes with many positives for the German Antivirus Company, we have an intense review and cross-checked it with other free antivirus software, we found Avira Antivirus is one of the best free antivirus of 2019. Here are the key features of free antivirus by Avira.

Prevents ransomware from encrypting your data and taking them hostage. Avira Antivirus blocks 1 million+ ransomware attempts every month, averting damages of over 600€ per attack. We accomplish this via our unique heuristic technology, which stops ransomware before it can do you any harm.

Device control
Gives you control over which removable devices can connect to your computer. Unknown USB devices are risky: they can spread malware as soon as they’re connected. We prevent this by enabling you to scan removable devices as soon as they’re plugged in and before they can do you any harm.

Identity protection
Cybercriminals target login credentials, credit card data, and other private info to get what they want. Block the nasty tools they use to steal, such as keyloggers, rootkits

Secure finances
Whether you order a yoyo or a yacht, avoid bad surprises on your next bank statement by securing your payments. Our premium protection does that for you by blocking banking Trojans, DNS hijacks, and botnets.

Data privacy
Your most private photos, videos, and notes are on your computer. So we keep them safe by preventing ransomware from hijacking them, viruses from corrupting them, and snoops from accessing them.

Securely surf, stream, and download
Browse with complete confidence: we block malicious websites, drive-by downloads, and hijack attempts on your web browser – not to mention phishing attacks via social networks and email.

Block threats in real-time and repair files

Detects and removes all malware, including ransomware and Banker Trojans.

Block annoying ads

Prevents intrusive and malicious ads, banners, and pop-ups from loading.

Stay firmly in control of your own stuff

We scan your network’s ports for unusual activity and offer intuitive management controls for your Firewall, so any attempt to use your PC to send spam, carry out denial-of-service attacks or transfer illicit funds will be blocked.

Shop safely with calm and comfort

Blocks infected and fake websites, and protects you against phishing attacks. You may shop online and make payments safely without any fear.

Artificial Intelligence

If there’s an outbreak, you’d want to be the first to know – right? Now you can. Integrated into Avira Antivirus scanner is cutting-edge cloud technology, which protects you from 0-day threats as they emerge in real time.

Avira Vs Avast Comparision chart

Avira Antivirus originated from Germany. Let us compare Avira with Avast Free Antivirus. Both products are very similar to great sets of features.

Avast definitely offers more in terms of advanced features and tools like Home Network Security for scanning router vulnerabilities, Browser Cleanup for scanning browser extensions, or Software Updater for scanning outdated software in your system. Avira is purely an antivirus, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Both products offer an option to create a bootable disc with the latest antivirus version to clean your system when it doesn’t start. Antivirus Comparison Chart shows one-on-one features of the best free antivirus software.

Avira Vs Avast

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware & Anti-Malware & Anti-Rootkit Yes Yes
Bootable Rescue Disc Yes Yes
Web Browsing Protection Yes (via extension) Yes
E-mail Client Protection No Yes
Silent/Gaming Mode No Yes
Home Network and Router Security No Yes
Unwanted Browser Plugins Cleanup No Yes
Outdated Software Scanner No Yes
Windows Firewall Management Yes No
Free To Use Without Personal Registration Yes No
Windows Boot-time 28 sec. 30 sec.
Performance Test Score 2,147 pts. 2,138 pts.
Size of Installer 5 MB 5 MB
Price Free ($0.00) Free ($0.00)
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