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Aviary Photo Editor Download For Android 1.0

Jul 30,2019 - Aviary, Inc. (Free)

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Aviary Photo Editor is the best free photo editor for iOS, android, windows, and Web. With this app, you apply a number of different effects onto your photos.

Powerful, fast, and fun these three words used by developers to define this application. It stands out for its great simplicity, basically due to how its interface has been designed.

With all its tools perfectly integrated into the Windows environment to obtain the best results in terms of image editing. It comes with a very simple interface that makes it really easy to work with the application.

You just have to browse through your image collection. Firstly choose the one you’re interested in and start introducing the changes you consider appropriate. All the options will be shown under this interface, in a very accessible and intuitive manner.

Aviary Photo Editor Android App Download

It is a straight forward and concise graphics editor. It doesn’t have the level of effects and customization as Photoshop or GIMP but is intuitive enough. It’s powerful for a free app and will be a practical, no-frills addition to your library.

It’s the first web app, without any advertisement. Start working with this app you will find a full set of tools and the whole functionality for free.

It allows you to learn all tools even if you have no experience working with the image editors. It might appear weak for someone since it does not have a wide range of tools for photo manipulations and deep photo retouching.

Settings include options for focus, orientation, saturation, warmth, and brightness. Beyond the basics is the ability to adjust red-eye, whiten teeth, and erase blemishes. Meme creation is also a possibility with this app.

An added benefit is that when taking a photo for editing, this app automatically uses the stock camera rather than a third-party application. Most third-party camera applications do not function optimally when used with another app.

It comes with a collection of creative supplies, including stickers, frames, overlays, and effects made by artists around the world.

Aviary Photo Editor Features

  • Orientation: Orientation tools are the Aviary the best features of this app. Orientation is very straight forward, allowing you to flip or rotate a picture.
  • Crop: Crop is the only meaning of changing an image’s dimensions. You can drag out a rectangle of your own or select from twelve different presents.
  • Brightness: Increasing Brightness will lighten highlights and shadows equally. Decreasing Brightness will darken the entire image.
  • Contrast: Contrast will separate highlights and shadows. Increased Contrast will lighten highlights and darken shadows. Decreased Contrast will instead darken highlights and lighten shadows.
  • Saturation: Increased Saturation will cause colors to pop out from each other. Decreased Saturation will make them mesh, causing them to become gray at the lowest setting. Saturation will not affect black and white images that have no colors.

Photo Editor Features

  • Sharpness: Sharpness will separate edges. Increased Sharpness will cause edges to be more pronounced. Decreased Sharpness will blur edges together.
  • Red-eye: Red eye, Whiten, and Blemish are excellent tools for finishing touches. Just be sure to use each tool in the applicable location such as eyes, teeth, or around contours.
  • Enhance: The Enhance tool works as Auto Fix, however, in the case with Aviary, you are allowed to select the mode, where all the modifications will be done in an automatic way in hi-def, portrait, night, food or scenery.
  • Effects: If you want a realistic image it’s recommended that you don’t use these tools too much, as your image may start to appear eerie. However, using several filters are great if you want to make something surreal or artistic.
  • Blemish: The Blemish tool enables you to remove the background using available brushes. In general, it is an elaborate tool, which you can use to edit portraits if the background has some defects.
  • Stickers: Stickers can be used to add in such as glasses, pipes, and word bubbles. These are very cartoony and unlikely to match most images. Unless you want to make a humorous image try to avoid Stickers.
  • Text and drawing tool: Text and Drawing tools are also rather gaudy looking. Neither of these tools has feathering or a diverse color palate. Generally using these tools will make your image look strange and comedic.
Pros Cons
No advertisement Not all settings are customizable
Free access to all tools A premium membership in a mobile app
Plain and intuitive interface
It supports different platforms
It is Well-developed tools

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10 / Windows 8 /Windows 7 /Windows Vista
Processor Intel® Atom ™ 1.6 GHz
Version Aviary 4.8.4


Screenshots of Aviary Photo Editor

Official Video Intro Aviary Photo Editor

Photo Editor by Aviary

  • Pixlr
  • Pixelmator
  • Photoscape
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • PhotoFiltre
  • PicsArt
  • Corel PaintShop Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • VSCO
  • PicMonkey

Aviary Photo Editor Overview

Aviary Photo Editor Download For Android

Technical Specification

Version Varies With Device
File Size Varies With Device
Languages English
License Free
Developer AppsForIG


Aviary Photo Editor contains a large collection of easy-to-use editing tools such as custom photo filters, frames, graphics, and overlays. Its an interesting tool with which retouching your photographs and giving them a more professional look.


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