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Avast antivirus free download to protect Pcs from malware and ransomware on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It is an internet security software developed by Avast to protect Pcs from malware and ransomware on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It has the ability to detect and scan a number of viruses and can track modifications done by many types of malware.

Along with that, it can easily be integrated into your system, offering you real-time protection services. It comes with two types of interfaces: a simple one for non-professional users, and an advanced one for more knowledgeable users. It also provides a resident scanning tool that on activating, stays minimized as an icon in the toolbar. Every time when you open a file or an application, Avast antivirus free download will check for possible threats. The resident protection system includes three blocks: System Files Shield, Web Shield, and Mail Shield. They protect your system, your Internet browsing, and your emails.

The Anti-Virus software also looks for your backup files, so you don’t suffer losses in case a virus spreads. It also keeps a log with the latest updates and elements that are mentioned as quarantine. Avast antivirus free download for pc also protects from various hacking techniques include using viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, browser hijacks, rootkits and denial of service attacks.

Avast free antivirus for pc full version has got its own Firewall to avoid suspicious applications from damaging your data. It constantly updates itself to keep up with the new threats. Get your free Avast today!

Avast Antivirus Free Download For Pc Features

Browser Cleanup
Remove annoying browser toolbars or extensions, and restore your hijacked search browser.

Software Updater
Easily update your important software to increase the overall security and condition of your PC.

Remote Assistance
Remote Assistance lets you help over the Internet.

Designed with simple security
Just a click of fresh, new, easy-to-use interface checks everything from your passwords to your home network security.

Game or movie time
It renamed Game Mode and taught it some new tricks. Now called Do Not Disturb Mode, it blocks distracting popups whether you’re gaming, watching movies, or presenting in fullscreen.

Introducing Behavior Shield
It doesn’t just check your applications for malware. It now keeps an eye on their behavior to make sure they don’t suddenly go rogue.

Intelligent Antivirus
Detect and block viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and phishing. It uses smart analytics to stop threats before they affect you.

Automatically send suspicious files for analysis in the cloud, and push a cure to all Avast users if it’s a threat.

Wi-Fi Inspector
Automatically detect weaknesses in your home Wi-Fi and strangers piggybacking on your network.

Smart Scan
Find all those cracks which allow malware to slip in, from unsafe settings and passwords to suspicious add-ons and out-of-date program.

Note: After 30 days Anti-virus requires free registration.

Other Key Features

  • Intelligent antivirus
  • CyberCapture
  • Home Network Security
  • Smart Scan
  • Sandbox
  • Browser Cleanup
  • Passwords
  • Secure DNS

Avast vs AVG Antivirus Comparison Chart

In October 2016 Avast acquired AVG company on a hasty amount above $ 1B. But both the company remained free to work in their core expertise area without interrupting each other. Both Avast and AVG are offering high-end protection against viruses, spyware, malware, rootkits and even ransomware which is a big topic now. Plus you will be secured while browsing online, chatting on Facebook, or watching videos on YouTube. Also, they will protect and scan your incoming and outgoing e-mails if you are using an e-mail client like Outlook or Thunderbird. Avast antivirus review by industry experts says that it is a quality free antivirus with expert-level options that outperform many commercial products. Here we have an antivirus comparison chart between avast and avg, and that is almost similar functions and features.

Avast vs AVG 

Features avast


avg antivirus


Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware & Anti-Malware Yes Yes
Web Browsing Security Yes Yes
E-mail Client Protection Yes Yes
Silent/Gaming Mode Yes Yes
Home Network and Router Protection Yes No
Unwanted Browser Plugins Cleanup Yes No
Outdated Software Scanner Yes No
Spying and Data Theft Protection No Yes
Permanent Deletion of Sensitive Data No Yes
Free To Use Without Personal Registration No Yes
Windows Boot-time 28 sec. 33 sec.
Performance Test Score 2,116 pts. 2,115 pts.
Size of Installer 5 MB 5 MB
Price Free ($0.00) Free ($0.00)
Download Link Avast Free Antivirus Download AVG Free Antivirus
Direct Download Link from Official Site Avast Official AVG Official

Free download

avast antivirus free download for pc Technical Details

  • Software Name: Avast Free Antivirus
  • Setup File Name: avast_free_antivirus_setup_online_a2f.exe
  • Size of Setup: 7.1 MB
  • License: Freeware
  • Developers: Avast Software


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