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Autodesk Meshmixer 3D Modeling Software Download 3.5

May 28,2020 - Autodesk Inc (Free)

93.9 MB (Safe & Secure)

Autodesk Meshmixer is a highly capable 3D modeling software for PC dedicated to users that want to create and edit brand-new 3D meshes in mere minutes. Optimized for speed and efficiency, users of this software can quickly develop any 3D model that they have imagined by modifying or combining countless free meshes available on the internet, creating brand new 3D models in mere minutes.

Meshmixer is a 3D modeling application that provides you with the necessary tools for designing and printing 3D objects. It lets you compose models from scratch or explore a library and pick the models to work with.

Autodesk Meshmixer Software For PC

One of the great advantages of this app is its focus on users who don’t have extensive training in CAD editors and other 3D modeling software for PC. It provides a streamlined set of tools that are especially useful to users who want to take several 3D meshes and mix them together, forming a brand new creation in the process.

This software also hosts a wide array of tools that more experienced users can take advantage of. It has full compatibility for handling mesh files such as .stl and .obj and features a wide array of tools for preparing meshes for 3D printing. Some of the best-realized tools of this editor are functions for auto-repairing and patching holes in models, hollowing models for easier printing, creating escape holes, stability and thickness analysis, converting mesh shells into solid objects, and many more.


How to install Autodesk Meshmixer

The tool comes in a small installer package that can be easily operated by the users of all knowledge levels. After installation is finished on the PC computers with minimum system requirement of 4GB of RAM and Windows 7, the app can be started.

The main interface of Autodesk Meshmixer is designed in a similar way to many other 3D editing apps. The majority of the app window is dedicated to the 3D canvas area that renders loaded objects with great detail.  On the left side of the app window is a control bar that features access to the main tools, represented with large and eye-catching icons. Those icons are Import, Meshmix, Select, Sculpt, Spamp, Edit, Analysis, Shaders, Export, and Print. Every selected icon creates a smaller pop-up window that hosts a wide variety of specific tools, buttons, sliders, and dropdown selections.

Editing Object

The software application used a moderate amount of RAM and low CPU during our tests. It executed commands swiftly and didn’t hang or crash. Several error messages popped up when we attempted to select some edit options, though (e.g. tube handle, bridge). Keyboard shortcuts are supported, and hints are spread across the interface to explain each selected tool.

Pros and Cons of Autodesk Meshmixer 3D Modeling Software For PC

Pros Cons
This software can be downloaded for free online This software is too advanced for beginner level
Easily accessible
Website provides an abundance of tutorials and user manuals
It gives various prefabricated objects to be uploaded and manipulated
can import scans from 123D Catch
Files can be saved as STL
Simple to manipulate and customize

System Requirements

Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 or later or OS X / macOS 10.7 or later
Memory 4 GB system RAM
Graphics Card Integrated or discrete graphics card with the latest drivers

Autodesk Meshmixer 3D Modeling Software For PC Features

  • Mixing of meshes with simple Drag-and-Drop
  • Surface Stamping and 3D Sculpting
  • Streamlined and capable Convert-to-Solid function for 3D printing
  • Take full advantage of 3D Patterns & Lattices
  • Easily Hollow (with escape holes!) your models
  • Full Branching Support Structures for 3D printing
  • Take control or automatically handle Print Bed Orientation Optimization, Layout & Packing
  • A wide array of Advanced selection tools, such as brushing, surface-lasso, constraints, and others
  • Remeshing and Mesh Simplification/Reducing
  • Modify your models with Mesh Smoothing and Free-Form Deformations
  • A wide array of advanced tools, such as Hole Filling, Bridging, Boundary Zippering, and Auto-Repair
  • Plane Cuts, Mirroring, and Booleans
  • Extrusions, Offset Surfaces, and Project-to-Target-Surface
  • Interior Tubes & Channels
  • Precise 3D Positioning with Pivots
  • Automatic Alignment of Surfaces
  • 3D Measurements
  • Full Stability & Thickness Analysis

Screenshots of Autodesk Meshmixer

Official Video Intro Autodesk Meshmixer

Meshmixer Tutorial - Part 1 (Sculpting Tools)

Autodesk Meshmixer Overview

Autodesk MeshMixer Software Download

Technical Specification

Software Name Autodesk Meshmixer Software For Windows V 3.5
File Size 93.9 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Opensource
Developer Autodesk Inc


Thanks to its interactive interface and advanced options (not to mention that it’s freeware), Meshmixer proves to be a reliable 3D modeling program with a surprisingly rich set of features under its hood. It can be handled by expert users or beginners who want to learn more about 3D modeling in a fun way.


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