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Auto Mouse Clicker – Free Auto Clicker Software For PC 1.3

Jul 22,2021 - VOVSOFT (Free)

1.97 MB (Safe & Secure)

Auto Mouse Clicker is a very easy and lightweight software that relieves users of repeated click. On every window, the software may stimulate the left, right, and center mouse button clicks. The software maps the screen depending on the coordinates to ensure that the mouse clicks exactly where the user wants it to. This Free Auto Mouse Clicker software detects clicks based on the user-specified X and Y coordinates.

This free tool is not only best to automate clicks on games, but also on the computer as a whole as it can automate any tasks. The software can also be used as a macro recorder. Best Free Auto Mouse Clicker for PC comes with a Hotkey functionality.

The application comes with an intuitive, straightforward interface that helps you focus on recording macros, rather than be distracted by many buttons or panels. You can basically start recording your mouse movements as soon as you launch the app, by pressing the Record button. The Play button allows you to playback the captured mouse activity to make sure it matches your expectations.

Once you have double-checked the recorded macro, you can set it to be played in an infinite loop or you can easily save it to CSV and load it at a later time. After you load a macro, the app can simulate left, right or middle mouse button clicks to automate a wide range of actions, including in games, Office suites or complex rendering programs.

If you are playing games on PC then you clicking thousands of times to complete certain tasks. Attacking enemies, building structures, and more tasks need a lot of clicks can waste your time and make you get bored, they can even cause wrist pain and harm your mouse.

Cookie Clickers, Minecraft, Runescape, Adventure Capitalist, Skyrim, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft and many more exciting games can force you to click on the same point thousands of times. What you need and what you have been looking for is a software that enables you to create automatic clicks as many times as you want.

Best mouse auto clicker software I have come across so far. Thanks! I really like it.

— Sethmakavela

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32-bit and 64-bit)

Screenshots of the Best Free Auto Mouse Clicker Software

Official Video Auto Mouse Clicker

How To Use Auto Mouse Clicker Software

  • Auto-Clicker.
  • Mouse Recorder.
  • GS Auto Clicker.
  • XuMouse.
  • Mouse Jiggler.
  • Mousotron.
  • Free Auto Clicker5.3

Free Auto Mouse Clicker Software Overview

Technical Specification

Version 1.3
File Size 1.97 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer VOVSOFT


Auto Mouse Clicker can help you automate your repetitive tasks so as to speed them up or save time and effort. You can save the macros for later use or analysis, without any effort on your side, by simply accessing the dedicated menu.


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