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Audacity Download – Audio Editor And Music Mixer

Sep 8,2018 - Audacity (Free)

28.1 MB (Safe & Secure)

Audacity allows you to edit all popular formats of audio files for free. The freeware imports sound and music put sound effects against individual tracks and mixes things like music tracks and podcasts together.

Audacity Download For WindowsAudacity functions

Audacity comes with many professional editing and recording functions. It’s possible to create both live recordings as well as cut tracks. The results are saved as one of the many supported audio formats. In addition, Audacity has an audio toolbox with countless effects, an equalizer and frequency analysis on board. If necessary, you can also extend it with free plug-ins from the developer’s website.

There is numerous software available in an audio editor, yet few so far-reaching and effective as Audacity. It is free, open-source programming with GNU permitting to record and alter the sound, working specifically with the designs of the sound waves. It can likewise convert file extensions.

It underpins most audio formats, for example, wav, mp3, Ogg, WMA, ac3, FLAC and AIFF. It likewise incorporates a wide range of useful editing instruments like cutting, duplicating, cropping, deleting. Because of the available filters and effects, it is substantially more flexible than it initially appears.

Other than this, it enables you to change the level of noise on a soundtrack, alter the beats and modify it to your requirements, or include a wide range of post-process impacts. It has the capacity to alter multiple soundtracks at a time. It also edits to any segment of the sound record you need, and additionally its multi-track altering. You can even apply a channel that removes the voice in a tune.

As though this wasn’t sufficient, you can include a wide range of 32-bit external VST plugins, and furthermore, replicate MIDI files. You may like to try Guitar Pro Software or Mp3 Media Tag Editor.

Screenshots of Audacity Audio Editor

Official Video Intro Audacity Audio Editor

How To Use Audacity 2020

Audacity Audio Editor FAQs

Is Audacity really free? Why?

Yes, Audacity is completely free, open source software. You are free to use this application for any personal, commercial, or educational purposes, including installing it on as many different computers as you wish. You are also free to give it away, sell it, or modify it for your own use, under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

The authors of Audacity decided to release it under the GPL for many reasons. Some of us do it out of generosity. Some of us do it for moral reasons, because we feel that all software should be free; others believe that there is a place for both free and proprietary software.

One reason Audacity is free is so that it will be more popular and useful. Yet another reason is to encourage collaboration. Because of Audacity’s free license, dozens of people around the world have contributed code, bug fixes, documentation, and graphics.


May I distribute copies of Audacity?

You can redistribute Audacity under the GNU General Public License, which gives you permission to modify, copy or sell the application as long as you keep the same license and make the source code available. We ask vendors to give proper credit to Audacity, to add some value to their product (for example by including video tutorials or openly licensed sound samples), and to offer customers technical support. See Advice for Vendors for details.


Someone is selling Audacity on eBay. Is this legal?

It is legal to sell Audacity, as long as the vendor makes the application and source code available under the GNU General Public License (GPL). If the vendor modifies Audacity, our trademark requires that they call the application something other than Audacity. See our License page for details.

Some vendors sell unmodified Audacity under a different name, or do not give us any link or credit for the software – this is difficult to prevent under the current GPL. If you bought a product and later found out it was Audacity, we encourage you to ask for a refund or file a complaint if you feel you did not get a fair deal. See “May I distribute copies of Audacity?” for what we expect from Audacity vendors.


Audacity isn't displaying in the expected or desired language. Can I change this?

Audacity can display in many non-English languages. On Windows, the Audacity installer sets the language Audacity displays in, but otherwise the language Audacity uses on first run is determined by the language the operating system uses. As a result you may want to change the Audacity display language.

If you can read the language Audacity is currently running in, it is easy to change to another language. Open the Preferences, then choose Interface from the list on the left. Now choose the specific language required from the “Language” box, then click OK. Most of the Audacity interface will change language at once, but a very few interface elements will change next time you restart Audacity.


Audacity Audio Editor Overview

Audacity Download For PC

Technical Setup Details

Software Name Audacity Audio Editor Software
Version Name
Setup File Name audacity-win-3.0.2.exe
Full Setup Size 28.1 MB
Compatibility 64 Bit (x64)
Developer Audacity


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