aTunes audio player free download for Windows

aTunes is an easy to use application designed as an audio player, enabling you to enjoy all your music in comprehensive playlists. You can load all your MP3 files and play them endlessly, as the tool offers basic audio player features, such as ‘Repeat’ or ‘Shuffle’.

aTunes allows you to create various music playlists, so you can better categorize and manage your music. You can sort it by artists, music genres, year of release, albums or depending on the occasions it can be played at.

aTunes enables you to edit the ID3 tags of your audio files, so you can modify several details of a song, namely artist, title, album, year, composer, or lyrics. Moreover, with aTunes, you can change a file’s image cover, by adding one or removing it.

You have the option of setting certain songs as favorites, so you can access them quickly from the dedicated section. Furthermore, the program offers a ‘Search’ function that allows you to find a specific song in your extensive collection.

This digital music player has the ability to connect to numerous online radio stations, organized depending on genre, but also the country. Similarly, you can add podcast feeds to your playlist, that you can later mark as listened, so you do not have to play them again accidentally.

Using the ‘Equalizer’ function, you can adjust the various settings of your audio files, or lad a variety of presets, for instance, ‘Classic’, ‘Party’, ‘Full Bass’, ‘Rock’, ‘Reggae’ or ‘Techno’, and many others.

What might be mentioned as a negative aspect of aTunes is the fact that it supports only a few audio formats, namely MP3 and OGG, so you cannot play other songs on your PC without converting them first.

aTunes is a user-friendly and efficient piece of software, providing you with numerous useful features that can offer you a pleasant music listening experience.

*A new and audio editing software Audacity is highly popular nowadays.

aTunes logoFeatures of aTunes:

  • Mp3, Ogg player.
  • Reads Ogg, ID3v1, ID3v1.1 and ID3v2 tags.
  • Tag editor.
  • Show pictures of song: pictures inside ID3v2 tag, or in the same folder.
  • Load / save playlist in m3u format.
  • Navigate through songs sorted by tag information or by folder.
  • Filters for fast find what you want.
  • Songs, albums or artists can be marked as favorites and viewed through a special view.
  • Full view with all controls.
  • Multiple window view.
  • OSD (like amaroK).
  • Five languages supported: english, french, spanish, italian and german.
  • State saved: repository, play list, last played song, shuffle, repeat, position in desktop, size, type of view.
  • Device view: connect your portable player or anything that could be mounted as a file system, and view in aTunes, copy to repository, etc.
  • Use statistics: song/artist/album most played, last date of play.
  • System tray icon to control aTunes player (for Windows and Linux).
  • System tray player: player controls are integrated into the system tray bar (For Windows and Linux).
  • Drag and drop: drag mp3/ogg/m3u files or folders into the playlist and they will be immediately added. It also works from navigator views.
  • The artist search tool on different web pages: Google Video, Wikipedia, etc.
  • AudioScrobbler information: when a song is being played, album information, artist albums, and recommendations are shown.
  • Cd ripper tool, using cdda2wav, lame and oggenc. Just put an audio cd on your computer, and select “Import CD” in the “Tools” menu. You can select which tracks rip, and get track names from OpenStrands. Tracks are ripped at default quality. For Windows users, binaries are included. For other OS, binaries must be installed.
  • Playlist filter
  • Amazon queries for song renaming and cd ripping.
  • Spectrum/scope analyzer
  • Themes support.

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