Astrill VPN Software for PC/Laptop

There are hundreds of VPN providers, most of them run by amateurs with no tech background, set up on weak virtual servers with unoptimized out of the box VPN software. Astrill VPN is the best pick for premium quality VPN. This page summarizes what makes Astrill so much better.

Benefits of Astrill VPN:

Surf Anonymously

We hide your online identity so you can surf the web anonymously, which is supported by a number of strict protocols. Your IP address is a total secret and you can browse online without being tracked. The setup is easy on any online connected device.

Enjoy secure Wi-fi anywhere

The widespread Wi-fi connectivity comes with a risk as people using the same network can easily hack unprotected users. That’s why Astrill VPN allows anybody to join a hotel, coffee shop, bank, airport or any other public network without the risk of being hacked.

Bypass censorship

Get access to filtered or blocked online content without any restriction. Astrill VPN allows you to bypass censorship in any country whether you are traveling or living there.

Videos & apps from anywhere

Astrill VPN allows all videos and applications to go through a VPN tunnel, therefore you are able to view any content without geographical limitations.

Astrill VPN features:

  • OpenWeb, StealthVPN, and Wireguard: The best Astrill protocols for the fastest VPN experience and censorship bypass are available only with our software.
  • VPN sharing: Share a VPN connection using your PC with other devices on your network. No extra hardware or VPN router needed. VPN can be shared from Windows, Mac and Linux PC/Laptop with other devices like smart-phones, game consoles and smart TVs.
  • Kill Switch and App Guard”: worried about leaking your real IP when VPN disconnects? Astrill VPN will block the Internet for selected applications when VPN drops to protect you.
  • The network of powerful servers: While so many VPN providers offer cheap and low-performance virtual private servers (VPS), Astrill has a vast network of super powerful dedicated servers all around the globe so that everything runs smoothly without lags or waiting.
  • Port forwarding: Access your device’s applications and services over Astrill IP from the Internet while hiding your physical IP from others. Enable P2P applications such as torrents, Skype, TeamViewer to work faster and more reliable while connected to VPN.
  • No logs policy: They¬†keep no logs of our user’s online activity and we believe in the absolutely unrestricted Internet. The very design of our VPN server software does not allow us to see which clients accessed what websites even if we wanted to. No logs whatsoever are stored on VPN servers after the connection is terminated.


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