AnyDesk Remote Desktop Software {Free & Single Click Download}


AnyDesk Remote Desktop software is a safe and popular application that uses a new video codec, which is specifically designed for fresh looking graphical user interfaces. This innovative remote desktop application is versatile, secure and lightweight. The software uses TLS1.2 encryption and both ends of the connection are cryptographically verified.


Any Desk is very lightweight and is crammed into a 1MB file and no administrative privileges or installation is required. The UI of AnyDesk is really simple and easy to navigate.


With AnyDesk, you can access your windows remote desktop Pc from anywhere. Your perso­nalized ID is the key to your Desk­top, with all your applications, docu­ments, and photos. Most importantly, your data stays where it belongs-on your hard drive and nowhere else.

This is standard for remote desktop applications but the remote app uses DeskRT a video codec specialized for the purpose of encoding video of computer interfaces. This means that it runs more smoothly and closely to what you’d see at the computer itself. Combined with rock-solid server technology this means that it provides super-fast speeds for anything short of playing video games whether you need it during the day or at 3 AM on a stormy holiday in the middle of large-scale Internet attacks.

AnyDesk Remote Desktop Online collaboration

Collaborate and communicate with ease, whether you’re holding online meetings and presentations or working on the same document from the other side of the world.

AnyDesk file transfer

Simply copy and paste or use the new transfer tab to perform the anydesk file transfer.


No administrative privileges or installation needed. Simply download the 3 MB file and you’re off. Require unattended access to your computer when you’re on the road? No problem, you’ll just need to install and set a password.

Anydesk remote desktop – Make it yours

Customize the user interface to give customers a remote desktop experience consistent with your brand.

Record sessions

Both the IT professional and the user whose computer they access can get a recording of each session. This adds an extra level of security and is handy for training purposes too.

Download for Windows PC

Download Software For PC

 Download for android

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