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Antidote Spell Checker Software For PC 10.3.0

May 18,2021 - Druide informatique inc. (Free)

2.33 GB (Safe & Secure)

Antidote is a spell checker versatile software that used to optimize text and directly integrated into your preferred text editor and provide invaluable assistance during document development. In addition to offering real-time suggestions for correcting spelling errors, it also has complete support for recommending modifications for other forms of mysterious errors. Lexicon, Grammar, Syntax, Punctuation, Style, Business Writing, Typography, Phonetics, and History are the areas in which these guidelines are divided. The app has access to a massive dictionary, which will provide you with precise meanings for any of your vocabulary as well as a simple way to explore their verbs, variations, and more. You might also want to learn about the similar apps such as Grammarly. Check out grammarly review for more information.

One of the most praised elements of the Antidote app is its way of presentation and easy guides to fixing discovered problems in your texts. It provides clear markers for detected issues, short descriptions, and single-click recommendations. The guidance offered by Antidote can even be additionally customized by users, enabling them to set their own rules that can help them easily write specific documents needed for school, work, or personal use.

Antidote Spell Checker Software Download

The app can be infused directly into your Microsoft Office Word and Outlook apps and can provide its services even directly from inside modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.  As an added bonus, you can also link its dictionary directly to your browser toolbar, enabling you to always have a powerful dictionary pop-up app close to you.

While the tool has become famous because of its ability to take control over the written English language, its latest versions also support one added language – French!

Antidote 10 comes inside a very large installation package that weighs over 2GB in size and requires more than 6 GB of free space on your hard drive (more if you intend to install more than one language). Developers recommend having a PC with more than 8 GB of RAM memory, and a fast SSD hard drive for quicker access to a large number of files that the program works with.

After a quick installation, the tool will detect all of the compatible text editors and browsers present on your Windows 7/8/10 machine. Most users will experience Antidote through Microsoft Word, where their documents will finally get access to much more powerful grammar, style, and spell-checker tools that can find dramatically more mistakes than the Word’s built-in spellchecker. The app will be integrated as a new tab found on top of the app. This tab features easy access to its three core tools – Corrector, Dictionary, and Guides.

Your text will be marked with several color codes that signify mistakes – red for common spelling mistakes, forgetful accents, bad chords, and orange for unreadable sentences, grammar mistakes, and unfortunate turns of phrases.  Clicking on marked works or phrases will showcase your recommended fixes.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
A powerful and comprehensive correction tool The lack of a trial version
A simple and intuitive interface Less easy integration into more confidential software
This dictionaries and guides in French and English

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor Intel Core i5 or equivalent, i7 or equivalent,
Memory 4 GB of RAM required for fast working.
Storage Space 5 GB of hard disk space for typical program installation.


Antidote Spell Checker Software Features

  • Automatic detection of problematic words, phrases, and sentences.
  • Built-in support for MS Office suite and modern web browsers.
  • Real-time scanning of text.
  • Correction commands available directly from tooltips.
  • Access to a large dictionary of words and phrases.
  • Full guide for learning grammar and conjugation rules for English and French.
  • Integrated support for emoticons.
  • Supported languages – American English, Canadian English, French.
  • Optimized for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

Screenshots of Antidote Spell Checker Software For PC

Official Video of Antidote Spell Checker Software

Antidote Spell Checker Software

Antidote Spell Checker Software FAQs

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I Forgot My Password. What Should I Do?

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  2. Enter the email address associated to your account;
  3. You will receive an email containing all the necessary steps in choosing a new password.


Why Do I Have To Verify My Email Address?

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What Happens When My Antidote+ Trial Period Expires?

When purchasing a perpetual Antidote 10 license, we invited you to try the many benefits of two other applications free of charge: Antidote Web and Antidote Mobile. This offer is time-sensitive.


Antidote Text Optimization Software

Version Name Date Size Download
10 3.0 November, 26th 2020 2.33 MB Download
  • Grammarly
  • Grammarly Checker
  • LanguageTool
  • HunSpell
  • Linguix

What’s new in this version:

Antidote 10 3.0
General Improvements
– Improved stability
– Various minor fixes

New Features for French

– Multiple improvements to the corrector
– Detection of new types of redundancies
– More accurate analysis of reporting clauses
– More accurate correction of hyphens
– Improved handling of lists

– 5300 new words and expressions (animoji, gyroroue, trikini)
– World Heritage 2019
– 5500 new synonyms
– 1100 new difficulties
– 1200 new families
– New etymological notes (trop, grammaire, lemming)
– Updated definitions
– Various corrections

– 3 new Points de langue articles

New Features for English

– More accurate correction
– Improved detection of French postal codes and phone numbers

– 1500 new words and expressions (pegan, upcycle, anthropolatric)
– World Heritage 2019
– 15,000 new synonyms
– 5300 new difficulties
– 3000 new etymologies
– 500 new families
– Updated definitions
– Various corrections

– 3 new Language Matters articles

New Features for French and English:
– 24,000 new translations for words and expressions
– 3000 new translations for combinations

New Integrations:
– Compatibility with Windows 10 version 1909 (November 2019 Update)
– Integration with Google Chrome 78
– Integration with Illustrator 2020
– Integration with InCopy 2020
– Integration with InDesign 2020
– Integration with LibreOffice 6.2 and 6.3
– Integration with MS Office 1908 and 1911 (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word)
– Integration with Postbox 7
– Integration with Thunderbird 68
– (Web) Integration with Grav
– (Web) Integration with WoodWing

Improvements to Integrations:
– Ability to launch Antidote Web from any writing software (no longer limited to browsers)
– (Web) Google Docs
– Improved synchronization of documents
– Feedback for users
– Grouping of text in a single zone
– memoQ – Better handling of selected text

Antidote Spell Checker Software Overview

Antidote Technical Specification

Antidote Software
Version 10.3.0
File Size 2.33 GB
Languages English
License Paid
Developer Druide informatique inc.


Antidote spell checker software  that uses several dictionaries with powerful search tools, and with one click you’ll see an inventory of synonyms and family words. it’s safe to mention that no software has ever had these powerful features with which you’ll easily edit your writing.


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