Alfred Productivity App for mac

Alfred app for mac is productivity software which also works as an application launcher. It is free although an optional paid upgrade called ‘Powerpack’ is available. The software provides a quick simple way to find and launch applications and files on the Mac using a keyboard shortcut. It uses both with predefined keywords for often-used sites such as IMDB, Amazon, etc and many others. It has the ability to add users’ custom searches for the sites most applicable to them.



In the Alfred app for mac free version, it provides services of a spell-checker, calculator and a convenient interface for controlling the Mac with system commands. The capabilities of the software can be extended with the Powerpack that provides additional features like directly navigating your file system, performing actions on the files and applications you search for, controlling iTunes, opening Address Book entries, saving text clips and more.

It also allows you to set global hotkeys through which you can access your URL history and create auto-expanding text snippets. It can be used instead of other macOS launchers such as Quicksilver.

Alfred Software For Mac

Alfred App Features

Search and Browse

Launch applications and find files on your PC or on the web. Alfred learns how you use your Mac and prioritizes results. Save countless hours by using hotkeys, keywords and customizing how you want to search your Mac and activity history. Jump in and browse, preview files and take action on them without lifting your fingers off the keyboard.

Less typing

With Alfred’s Clipboard History and Snippets features, there’s no need to type the same URLs or responses over and over. Use the Clipboard History to locate any text, image or file you copied earlier and paste it again. Create your own snippets and type a short abbreviation to auto-expand them into a full-text snippet, saving yourself hours of typing in the long run, makes the tasks of creating, editing, storing and sharing documents much more efficient!


With Alfred’s Powerpack, use immensely powerful workflows to perform tasks more efficiently and cut down on repetitive manual tasks. Link hotkeys, keywords and actions together to create your own workflows; There’s no need to write a single line of code to create a workflow. Import workflows from the thousands our community of creators has shared.

Control Your Music

You’re the boss. Boost your productivity by controlling your Mac using Alfred’s deep integration with macOS. Swiftly take action on files and contacts, control your music player and dispatch System commands. Add some fun to your day; Turn your iPhone or iPad into a command center for your Mac with Alfred Remote for iOS. Alternatively, take a look at the many workflows for other music services like Spotify.

Apart from above, there are plenty of other features like searching apps and files including searching on the web, calculator, spell and define, quick look, system command, clipboard history, snippet expansion, Alfred workflows, hotkeys, theming, iTunes control, recent document, email, 1password, default searches, sync settings, file buffer, shell integration, view contacts. 

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Technical Details

Software Name Alfred
Setup File Name Alfred_3.6.1_916.dmg
Size of Setup 2.94 MB
License Free
Developers Running with crayons

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