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AirParrot For Mac Download 3.1.1

May 5,2021 - Squirrels, LLC. (Free)

26.23 MB (Safe & Secure)

AirParrot Screen Mirroring Software for Mac supports wireless screen mirroring and media file streaming. You may easily project your screen or exchange media files with a variety of media receivers using this software. AirParrot uses Quick Connect® to quickly identify available receivers in your network and establish a direct connection to a device running Reflector 2™. This simple software allows you to share just your screen, share videos, stream audio files, deliver presentations, and do a variety of other things, promoting successful collaboration and content sharing.

Introducing a unique Mac OS application that revolutionizes screen broadcasting within a local network. There’s no need for extra adapters or complicated setups with this cutting-edge tool. Simply connect to the communication network and share your screen with the other receivers in the room. It’s a simple approach that ensures everyone can see your displays on their personal monitors in an instant. Ideal for educational settings, boardrooms, and any collaboration or presentation environment where seamless sharing is required. Furthermore, this application allows you to easily stream movies from your tablet or device to the larger home screen, increasing the entertainment experience for everyone in the room.

AirParrot installation is simple and requires no complicated configuration. Run the installer and follow the simple instructions. AirParrot recognizes your Apple TV utilizing its integrated AirPlay feature once the installation is complete. This intelligent recognition assures seamless connectivity, allowing you to begin wirelessly mirroring your screen or streaming media content immediately. AirParrot’s user-friendliness assures a smooth setup experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying the convenience and usefulness it provides.

AirParrot is neatly located in the system tray, making it quick to access anytime you need it. You may launch the application and begin screen mirroring or media streaming with just three simple clicks. This rapid and effective process takes only a few seconds, making AirParrot a great choice for last-minute scenarios where you need to share your screen or content. Its usability and speed of operation ensure that you can adapt to any circumstance and use AirParrot’s features with ease whenever the need arises.

AirParrot Software Download

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Effortlessly shares screen contents with other users via a wireless connection. Requires wireless or Bluetooth capability for proper operation.
Allows remote control of AirParrot from a smartphone using the mobile application. Not a free application and requires a license for use.

System Requirements

Required OS For TV Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3 with the latest OS update.
Required Device Chromecast device.
Audio AirPlay-compatible audio device.
Reflector Reflector for Windows 1.5 or later.
Network Connection It is highly recommended to have a wireless 802.11n or Ethernet connection.

AirParrot Airplay Screen Mirroring For Mac OS Features

Use AirParrot with Multiple Receivers

AirParrot allows you to send content to many media receivers at the same time. Whether it’s Apple TV, Chromecast, or AirPlay-enabled speakers, AirParrot makes it simple to broadcast to multiple devices. The combination of AirParrot and Reflector allows for seamless mirroring experiences across several desktops and devices. AirParrot eliminates compatibility difficulties by allowing you to easily distribute material from any device to any device.

AirParrot installation is simple and requires no configuration. Simply run the installer and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. Once installed, AirParrot instantly recognizes your Apple TV using its built-in AirPlay functionality.

AirParrot is neatly located in the system tray, making it quick to access. AirParrot is an ideal solution for on-the-fly situations because it only requires three clicks and takes seconds to finish. Its usability and user-friendly interface make it simple to use whenever you need to instantly share your screen or media assets.

No Adopter Required

Using AirParrot, you can enjoy seamless wireless sharing without the inconvenience of cables and adapters. With this revolutionary solution, anyone can easily share and engage in a variety of venues, including classrooms, boardrooms, and more. By delivering content from any device to a receiver connected to a television or projector, you can say goodbye to limits and focus on what actually counts.

AirParrot includes patent-pending Quick Connect technology, which allows you to discover and connect to devices quickly. Even when network settings provide challenges, AirParrot’s Quick Connect ensures a flawless connection. Furthermore, the Bluetooth discovery feature improves the connected experience by allowing for simple device finding. Please keep in mind that Bluetooth discovery is not available on Windows.

Take advantage of the freedom of wireless sharing with AirParrot, which allows you to collaborate and present with ease regardless of network configuration or device compatibility. Say goodbye to adapters and cables and hello to a more efficient and exciting sharing experience.

The Big Screen is on Your Phone

With AirParrot, you may enjoy the pleasure of viewing movies or playing your favorite video games on the as big screen. Send your media files to a receiver with ease and immerse yourself in the ultimate cinematic experience. You can stream video files in amazing 5.1 surround sound with AirParrot, ensuring an audio experience that matches the visual splendor.

With AirParrot, you can unlock the full potential of your TV by adding endless content and possibilities. Increase your entertainment options by accessing a wide collection of movies, TV shows, games, and more through the convenience of AirParrot. Say goodbye to constraints and hello to a world of limitless entertainment options on any TV.

AirParrot Remote

Introducing the latest version of the iOS app, which allows you to remotely control the software from your iPhone or iPad. You can easily manage and dictate what is transferred from your computer to Apple TV or Chromecast with this fresh new app, all without having to touch your keyboard or mouse. Enjoy the ease of controlling your media playback with a single tap.

The AirParrot Remote app transforms your user experience by adding exciting new capabilities such as playlist support, live previews, and even computer remote control functionality. Use these improvements to tailor and optimize your media streaming sessions. Take advantage of unrivaled ease and control directly from your iOS smartphone.

Screenshots of AirParror Screen Mirroring Software For Mac

Official Video AirParrot

AirPlay Screen Mirroring and Desktop Extension on Mac and Windows

AirParrot Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
3.1.2 November, 26th 2020 75.5 MB DOWNLOAD
3.1.1 November, 5th 2020 75.5 MB Download
  • AirMyPc
  • APowerMirror
  • AirFoil
  • AirServer
  • Reflector

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AirParrot Software Overview

AirParrot For Mac OS Technical Specification

Best AirPlay Software
Version 3.1.1
File Size 26.23 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Squirrels, LLC.


AirParrot is a wonderful tool that provides convenience and efficiency, allowing you to improve your computer usage experience.


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