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AIDA64 Extreme Edition Download 6.33.5700

Sep 24,2019 - AIDA64 Extreme team (Free)

44.93 MB (Safe & Secure)

AIDA64 Extreme Edition is an advanced system diagnostics utility that gathers important information on the computer’s hardware and software configuration. It also lets users test the capabilities of the memory, CPU, and FPU by running complex benchmarks. Suffice it to say, this tool is designed for advanced PC users.

Aida64 Extreme Download

Benefits of AIDA64 Extreme Edition Software

Speedy installation and well-organized interface

The setup procedure is fast and simple. AIDA64 is wrapped in a user-friendly interface with a neatly organized layout, where all information on PC components is broken down into separate categories. It is rather vast and covers general areas of the PC such as overlock, sensors and power management.

A thorough investigation for each PC component

Detailed info can be obtained when it comes to the motherboard (e.g. CPU, chipset, BIOS), operating system (e.g. processes, system drivers, DLL files), server (e.g. shares, local and global groups), display (e.g. GPU, multi-monitor support, OpenGL), multimedia (e.g. audio and video codecs), storage (e.g. physical and optical drives), network (e.g. routes, IE cookies), DirectX, devices (e.g. input, printers), software (e.g. autostart entries, scheduled tasks, file types), security (e.g. firewall, antivirus), configuration (e.g. event logs, system files and folders), and database (e.g. BDE and ODBC drivers).

Run benchmarks and generate reports

When it comes to testing the memory, CPU, and FPU, AIDA64 analyzes the processor, CPU clock, motherboard, chipset, and RAM to rank the computer in a list with other systems by comparison, based on the hardware configuration. Information from any selected areas or all of them can be exported to reports for closer examination and safekeeping.

Configure program settings

As far as AIDA64 Extreme Edition Software configuration is concerned, it is possible to switch to another UI language, change the layout order, point out the output folder for creating reports, enable email notifications when performing benchmarks, filter event logs, add custom components to the list to keep an eye on, and much more.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor Intel Pentium or better
Hard Drive Space 40 MB hard drive space

AIDA64 Extreme Edition Monitoring Software Features


AIDA64 provides over 50 pages of information on hardware configuration and over 50 pages of installed programs, software licenses, security applications, and Windows settings.

Stress testing

AIDA64 System Stability Test uses a 64-bit multi-threaded stress testing module to drive the computer to its absolute limits. Hard disk, SSD and OpenCL GPGPU video adapter stress testing is also available.


AIDA64 has the most accurate hardware detection capabilities in its class, to provide detailed information on the computer internals without the need to open it up. The hardware detection module is strengthened by an exhaustive hardware database holding over 200,000 entries.


AIDA64 implements a set of 64-bit benchmarks to measure how fast the computer performs various data processing tasks and mathematical calculations. Multi-threaded memory and cache benchmarks are available to analyze system RAM bandwidth and latency.

Aida64 Extreme Free Download

Software audit

AIDA64 provides over 50 pages of information on installed programs, software licenses, security applications, and Windows settings. List of started processes, services, DLL files, startup programs, and visited web pages is also available.


Build the perfect, custom panel you can imagine that suits the design of your rig to monitor all the various sensors, cooling system, utilization and many more. With Sensor Panel you can use different graphs, gauges and custom images along with dynamic or static texts linked to all the sensor data AIDA64 can read from your computer and place them on an empty canvas in a way you want.

Aida64 Extreme Custom Sensor Panel

External display support

AIDA64 can display vital system data on a variety of LCD/VFD devices connected to the computer. The latest AIDA64 release supports over 50 LCD and VFD screens and introduces wireless remote monitoring of sensor values on smartphones and tablets.


AIDA64 supports over 250 various sensor devices to measure temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, and power draw. Measured values can be displayed on System Tray icons, OSD panel, Desktop Gadget, Logitech G15/G19 Gaming Keyboard LCD, and Razer Switchblade LCD.

Other Features

Generic features:

  • Low-level hardware information: 47 pages
  • Software and operating system information: 45 pages
  • Security-related information: 6 pages
  • DirectX information including Direct3D acceleration features
  • Diagnostics module that simplifies troubleshooting
  • Tweaking
  • Automatic online update

Benchmarking Features

  • 13 benchmark modules to measure CPU, FPU and memory performance
  • Benchmark reference results to compare measured performance to other systems
  • Cache & Memory Benchmark Suite
  • Hard disk, optical drive and flash drive benchmarking with RAID array support

Unique features:

  • UpTime and DownTime statistics with critical errors counter
  • Monitor Diagnostics to check the capabilities of CRT and LCD displays
  • System Stability Test with thermal monitoring to stress CPU, FPU, memory, caches, and disks
  • Hardware Monitoring to monitor system temperatures and voltages on the System Tray, OSD, Vista Sidebar or Logitech keyboard LCD.

CPU Power

  • Sensor Panel
  • Temperature, voltage and fan RPM data logging to HTML and CSV log files
  • Overheating, voltage drop, overvoltage, and cooling fan failure detection
  • High Definition Audio and OpenAL sound card details
  • AMD Stream, Direct3D Compute Shader, NVIDIA CUDA, OpenCL GPGPU device information
  • Smart Battery information
  • Weblinks: IT portals, software and driver download
  • Manufacturer links: product information, driver and BIOS download
  • Hardware information database for over 121,000 devices
  • Overclock information
  • Fully localized user interface: 35+ languages
  • No installation or setup procedure required

Screenshots of Aida64 Extreme Temperature

Official Video Intro Aida64 Extreme Temperature

Aida64 Sensor Panel Setup, Walkthrough and Tutorial

Aida64 Extreme Temperature FAQs

Both products target business customers, what is the difference between AIDA64 Business and AIDA64 Network Audit?

AIDA64 Business is the most comprehensive product in the portfolio, containing all the functionality available in Extreme, Engineer and Network Audit. Network Audit, on the other hand, is specifically developed for those business customers who are looking for a dedicated hardware and software inventory solution, and do not need other AIDA64 features. It does not support some of the functionality available in other AIDA64 editions, such as remote control and remote monitoring, as well as hardware diagnostics and benchmarks.


Do AIDA64 GPGPU benchmarks use vectorized data types and unrolling techniques to boost performance?

Yes, both in order to make the job of OpenCL compilers a bit easier. The OpenCL compiler may still use additional optimizations, like further unrolling, but it is completely compiler dependent.


On Intel Core i7 “Haswell” processors, the CPU attains significantly better results in the GPGPU benchmarks than the Intel HD Graphics 4600 “GT2” GPU. How is that possible?

AIDA64 CPU benchmarks are heavily optimized for Haswell – and all other modern CPU architectures –, and they utilize all available instruction set extensions, such as SSE, AVX, AVX2, FMA or XOP as well as full vectorization.

Using FMA and AVX2, a quad-core Haswell’s x86/x64 part can indeed perform exceptionally, way better than the GT2 iGPU. It is, however, much easier to write such optimized code for the iGPU in OpenCL than for the CPU using a machine code generator or x86/x64 assembly.


On some computers AIDA64, launched from the logon script, will execute only 5 minutes after the user has logged on. What is the problem?

Since Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2, logon scripts are executed with a 5-minute delay after the user has logged on. If we want to run the logon script without delay, we need to disable this feature in Computer Configuration / Policies / Administrative Templates / System / Group Policy / Configure Logon Script Delay.


Do GPGPU benchmarks support OpenCL 2.0 and HSA on AMD Kaveri systems?

Yes, except for the memory benchmarks.

Currently, memory benchmarks don’t work with HSA, because the current AMD HSA implementation doesn’t yet support forcing the usage of device memory, instead it automatically assumes that allocated memory blocks are to be shared between the CPU and GPU. As soon as AMD’s OpenCL 2.0 and HSA implementations become more mature, these issues will be resolved.


Aida64 Extreme Temperature Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
aida64extreme610 45.3 MB Download
  • CPU-Z
  • Open Hardware Monitor
  • HWiNFO (32/64)
  • Speccy
  • GPU-Z

Aida64 Extreme Temperature Overview

Aida64 Extreme Benchmark

Technical Specification

Title AIDA64 Extreme Edition Software V 6.33.5700
File Size 44.93 MB
License 30 days trial version
Developer AIDA64 Extreme team


During benchmarks, AIDA64 Extreme obviously puts a strain on CPU and RAM. However, it uses low resources otherwise. Those interested in extra features may look into AIDA64 Engineer, AIDA64 Business Edition and AIDA64 Network Audit.


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