Agent Ransack Download Free File Search Tools Software For Windows

Agent Ransack download software for finding files on your PC or network drives. It is a ‘lite’ version of FileLocator Pro and is free for both personal and commercial use.

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Benefits of Agent Ransack Download Software

Quickly find files on your computer

The app runs smoothly on all computers running a recent edition of Windows and you simply need to enter the keyword you are looking for, as well as the filename you are interested in. You can further restrict the search by selecting the folder you want to analyze – alternatively, you can search the entire drive, but this might take a long time to complete, especially if it is a large partition.

Set standard or advanced file search criteria

If you are an expert, you can apply more filters to the search, so as to ensure the results are the expected ones. More precisely, you can mention the approximate size the target files should have or you can specify the created, modified or last accessed date. Needless to say, if you do not know these details, you can simply disable them.

Once the search process is complete, Agent Ransack displays a summary with the detected files, and you can preview their contents without even leaving the app – this way, you can easily copy the path of the file you were looking for or open the folder where it is located.

Fast and intuitive file searcher

You can export the search criteria to a separate file that you can easily load whenever you want to perform similar searches, whereas the result list can be exported to the clipboard or as a file, be it TXT or CSV, suitable for later analysis.

Agent Ransack Download Search Tool Software feature

  • Fast searching: Highly efficient search algorithms mean that you spend less time waiting for results.

Agent Ransack Main Windows

  • Restricted Version: A ‘locked down’ version of Agent Ransack download free software is available for environments where the end-user is not allowed to search their local PC. Please contact Sales for more information.
  • Corporate Version: For corporate environments, we have a more ‘gentle’ branding of Agent Ransack called File Locator Lite. It’s still free but just has a different name. See the File Locator Lite page for more information.
  • Printing and Exporting: Results can be shared with others through reports, printing and exporting.
  • Perl regex: Support for Perl compatible regular expressions.
  • Boolean expressions: Combine search terms using the familiar Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT.
  • Office formats: Support for popular Office formats including Office 2010 and OpenOffice.
  • Immediate results: Found the text is shown with highlighted keywords so you don’t need to waste time opening each file looking for the right information.

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What’s new in Agent Ransack Build 867

  • Moved to SHA-256 code signing
  • Various minor bug fixes.

 Agent Ransack Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Best free app for non-indexed searches of text and MS Office files Potentially lower search speed due to not indexing files
Will search across attached drives
Saves disk space by not indexing files
Fast search for text or regex in files

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10

Technical Specifications

Title Agent Ransack 2016 Build 867
File Size 14.80 MB
File Name AgentRansack_867.exe
Languages English
License Free
Author Mythicsoft Ltd.