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Agantty Download For PC 1.0.46

Aug 21,2020 - Agantty GmbH (Free)

47.7 MB (Safe & Secure)

Working in teams, either small or medium-sized, in fast-paced business environments, can result in difficult project management. Keeping track of tasks and assignments is of paramount importance if increased productivity is to be attained, especially by today’s standards. Numerous software solutions are addressing this matter, but Agantty manages to provide a different Gantt-chart based on free project management tool, both feature-rich as well as for user-oriented.

It is a free, easy, and clear Agantty for PC, for an unlimited amount of projects, tasks, and teams! With this free project management tool, you can organize and plan an unlimited amount of projects, tasks, and teams on the basis of a Gantt-chart. You can administer an unlimited amount of teams and tasks with a single account, as well as look up your To-Dos on a neat dashboard. Are you working in a small or medium-sized team and unable to keep track of all your projects and tasks? Check out NOW!

Agantty Software For Pc

Create as many projects as you want. Choose a project timeframe, describe the project, choose a color, and a team to assign it to. After that, you can place it in the Gantt-chart and edit it easily. Create tasks with Agantty for PC in a team that can easily be assigned via drag and drop in the Gantt-chart. Tasks can be organized in groups to help let you find what you are looking for faster. Here, too are no limitations. Create as many teams as you want. For your sports club, your startup, no matter what. Invite as many members as you want and assign parts and rights. Now you can saddle your team with tasks.

The application’s interface manages to impress, as it is a known fact that software addressing such undertakings usually sports a somewhat purely functional layout, instead of a more elegant one. This is surely not the case with this program, which manages to blend form with function superbly.

Working with the app and establishing the characteristics for a new project is a breeze, and all the tools required to do so are well-placed and accessible, yielding a very effective process. Special attention was paid to the project timeline interface, which offers a clear overview of the projects, tasks, and succession.


Agantty Free Project Management Tool Features

  • GANTT CHART: You have a clear overview of all your projects and tasks and will never miss a deadline or milestone again.
  • TASK OVERVIEW: Filter your and your team’s tasks and sort them so you can work structured.

task details

  • TEAMWORK: Work is only nice if you can share it. Work in teams and assign tasks to friends and colleagues.
  • DRAG & DROP: Fast, easy, and clear: in Agantty for Desktop you can organize tasks, team members, and projects just by moving them.
  • RIGHTS MANAGEMENT: As a manager, you decide which team members can see and edit what. Assign global and project-based rights.
  • REMINDER & LISTS / PDF: Export your tasks for selected timeframes and coworkers as PDF or send reminders via E-Mail.

Having as its main working principle the free Gantt chart software, the program emphasizes task and team management through a series of dedicated tools. It is worth mentioning at this point that users will require a simple, hassle-free registration process for initializing the app.


Multiple projects can be added, with subsequent tasks, assigned to teams and team members. Each team and its members can be edited in terms of access or editing privileges and a set of viewing tools ensure detailed project insight when isolating teamwork is required. But that’s not all; besides printing corresponding Gantt charts, the app also offers PDF export, for easy interchangeability.

This application promises to deliver excellent performance for users who require consistent, feature-packed software to help them handle projects and inherent variables when working with teams. Thanks to a well-designed shell and functionality to match its looks, It may as well be the next best thing for Gantt chart workflows.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10
Required Account Register your account in Agantty

Official Video Intro Agantty Software

Agantty First Steps / Getting started – Free Projectmanagement Tool

  • Wekan
  • OpenProject
  • Wrike
  • JIRA
  • Zenkit
  • GanttProject
  • Microsoft Project

Agantty Software Overview

Agantty Software Download For PC

Technical Specification

Software Name Agantty Software For Windows V 1.0.46
File Size 47.7 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Agantty GmbH


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