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Advanced Password Manager For Windows Download 1.0

Aug 6,2021 - Advanced Password Manager (Free)

4 MB (Safe & Secure)

Advanced Password Manager is a fairly lightweight app that is able to detect and delete identity traces from your computer system after saving them to an encrypted vault secured by one master password.

In an age where nearly everyone is getting hacked, it’s important to keep all of your sensitive information, private. This is increasingly difficult, as most nearly every privacy utility out on the market concentrates on nearly the same things – web browsing history, passwords, advertisement blocking, and cookie management. However, nearly none of them cover PII or personally-identifying information. That is, until Advanced Password Manager. It’s a must-have utility for your Windows PC.

There’s a reason why you have data on your PC. You need it for work, shop, surf, etc. However, a lot – or most of it – is at risk for loss. Advanced Password Manager identifies, saves, and deletes traces of your identity from your computer system after saving them to an encrypted vault secured by one master password. After your information is saved, Advanced Password Manager enables you to fill web forms, including personal and financial information, automatically using your saved credentials.

Advanced Password Manager for PC securely locks your personal and financial information with a master key. You generally have to remember multiple passwords for your accounts and unfortunately, using the same password for all your accounts is insecure and unsafe. If someone obtains that one password, all your accounts will likely be hacked without your notice. The best way to remain safe is to have a different, secure password for each online resource you use.

Advanced Password Manager Software Download


This software allows you to create a master password for all your accounts. This master password is known to you and not anyone else. With its browser add-on installed, auto-filling site credentials are very easy.

How can someone steal your identity?

  • Browsers: Someone may gain access to your personal information on your browsers without your knowledge. This will put your personal info at risk.
  • Passwords: A person can easily hack your passwords and can then attempt to access your financial and email accounts to impersonate you.
  • Credit Card details: A person can pretend to be you and can use your credit card details. This will put your assets and other personal information at risk.
  • Social Security No: Someone who stole your identity may ruin your reputation, finances and family, leaving you responsible for damages caused by the theft.

The application allows you to do all of the following:

  1. Protect all your passwords,
  2. Auto-fill login credentials using Advanced Password Manager’s add-on,
  3. Securely save your online accounts,
  4. Sync passwords, credit card details and more, over browsers and
  5. Generate strong passwords.

Advanced Password Manager can scan your PC for PII and then can clean it in three (3) steps

  1. Scan: Scan your PC for existing identity traces that can be stolen from your PC.
  2. Vault: Save these scanned traces to your vault and lock it using your master key.
  3. Clean: Remove scanned identity traces from your PC to stay safe & secure.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Seamlessly syncs personal data across all web browsers No standalone mobile app
AES-256 encryption The free version is literally barebones

Advanced Password Manager For PC Features

  • Scan: Scan your PC or Mac for existing identity traces that can be stolen.
  • Vault: Save these scanned traces to your vault and lock it using your master key
  • Clean: Remove scanned identity traces from your PC or Mac to stay safe & secure.
  • AES-256 encryption: A threat to hackers!
  • Online browser sync: Sync your personal information across all browsers.
  • One master key: Your Master password is the key. Only you know it.
  • PC/Mac Scan: Scan & clean all security traces from your PC or Mac.


Technical Specifications

Version 1.0
File Size 4 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Advanced Password Manager Team


Advanced Password Manager is the best solution to secure your computer and other connected devices. This app should be part of everyone’s security arsenal, along with a top-rated antivirus app and a good adblocker. While the app pulls all of your PII off your machine, it secures all of your data on its own secure web servers. Your best bet here is to insure that your master password contains not only upper and lower case letters, but numbers and special characters as well.


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