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Adobe Audition Download For Windows 2021

Jun 21,2019 - Adobe Systems Inc. (Free)

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Adobe Audition is a software that deals with audio processing are saturated, professional audio editing can only be achieved via a handful of applications dedicated to this task. It is a distinctive and tasteful audio workbench aimed at providing the means to edit, mix, record and master audio content in a non-destructive way.

Adobe Audition is what turns a poor-quality song into an impressive work of art. The multitrack processing features, together with the wide array of effects and the VST/AU plugin support can make the day of a professional musician.

The attractive and intuitive user interface provides workspace panels that can be grouped for a comfortable view, while the Media Browser allows you to efficiently manage sessions.

Aside from basic editing functions, such as clip grouping, markers, clip stretching, and edit preview, Adobe Audition packs quite the collection of effects, including DeHummer, Surround Reverb, DeEsser, Phase / Doppler / Notch Shifters to name a few.

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The recording is a piece of cake with the built-in Metronome, the utility that keeps timing accurate. The Multiband compressor makes it easy to control audio properties such as loudness and dynamics with impressive precision. Noise can be removed using the special Spectral Frequency Display, but it can also be toned down with the Adaptive Noise Reduction tool.

Sound anomalies are detectable via Frequency Analysis combined with Amplitude statistics, while the Lasso utility allows you to select a specific portion when performing frequency-space editing. Playlists can be arranged in various ways and changes performed to audio content can easily be reverted via the History panel.

Adobe Audition provides a welcoming and comfortable environment for waveform editing, sound design, and audio restoration. The compact, accessible user interface, together with its rich collection of effects and spectral tools make it a recommendable choice for computer musicians.

Adobe Audition Features:

  • Fast, precise editing: Work quickly with dozens of timesaving audio editing features including clip grouping, edit preview, view markers for all files in the Markers panel, and more.
  • Real-time clip stretching: Stretch clips nondestructively in real-time. Preview changes and settings, and render for higher quality results. Varispeed mode adjusts speed and pitches together.
  • Powerful effects: Design new sounds with powerful effects including Generate Tones, Graphic Phase Shifter, Doppler Shifter, and Notch Filter.
  • Powerful effects routing and VST3 support: Increase flexibility for mixing and effects channel routing. Improve third-party plug-in compatibility and open up options for new effects with VST3 compatibility.
  • Tools for efficient session management: Manage sessions efficiently with the Media Browser for easy preview and import of assets, the Quick Search field in the Files panel, customizable session templates, and more.
  • High-performance audio engine: Speed up audio editing with a faster audio engine, whether opening and saving files, processing multicore effects, or editing multiple sessions.
  • Intuitive user interface: Enjoy an easy-to-use interface with workspace panels that dock and group for optimal organization, as well as useful phase analysis tools and a powerful Mixer panel.
  • Track count limited only by CPU power: Record, edit, and mix as many stereo tracks as your CPU can handle. Resize track heights individually to focus on the tracks you need.
  • Native audio effects: Apply native audio effects such as the DeHummer, DeEsser, Speech Volume Leveler, and Surround Reverb for working with 5.1 surround projects.
  • Powerful sweetening tools: Fix audio problems fast with the Adaptive Noise Reduction tool and diagnostics such as the DeClicker or the Audio Healing Paintbrush for fixing audio problems visually.
  • Effects workflow enhancements: Edit and play audio while adjusting settings for multiple effects simultaneously. Experiment with effect settings while making selections or edits in the Waveform Editor.
  • Clip grouping: Edit multiple clips simultaneously, even if they are not in the same group. Use the new Suspend Groups feature to make edits to individual clips while maintaining the grouping.
  • Favorites in Effects Rack: Apply your most commonly used effects combinations easily by saving them as Favorites.
  • Fast and flexible batch processing: Streamline your workflow with fast batch processing that can convert files to new formats or sample rates, and apply Favorites at any time.
  • Trim to Selection: Make clip lengths automatically match a selection with the new Trim to Selection command in the Multitrack Editor.
  • Quick punch: Quickly punch in corrections on the fly as you rerecord: Toggle the record button to punch in and out as many times as you want.
  • Multiple clipboards: Keep multiple selections in memory for fast access to the audio you wish to use repeatedly.
  • Keyboard shortcut manager: Customize your workflow and increase productivity by configuring keyboard shortcuts more easily.
  • Dockable video display: Spot and cut to video with the dockable, resizable video display. Play QuickTime files and preview clips with roundtrip editing using Adobe Premiere Pro software.
  • Flexible metering: Customize I/O metering to suit your workflow. Monitor peaks and valleys, using LED segments or continuous output, as well as stereo and multichannel tracks and sessions.
  • Metronome: Keep time accurate when recording audio with the Metronome.
  • Sum to Mono: Quickly check your mix for phase problems with the Sum to Mono command.
  • Automatic retrieval of CD titles: Include CD track names automatically during import from the audio CD.
  • Analog-modeled Multiband Compressor: Control dynamics, adjust loudness, and master your mixes with multiband precision. Give bass and drums punch while allowing your vocals to push through the entire mix.
  • Audio mixing sends and inserts: Get more mix flexibility by creating sends to duplicate signals that are routed to different effects. Add a send to create a separate mix for headphone monitoring.
  • Effects on all channels and buses: Add effects to the master channel and hear the results before mixing them down to a single file.
  • Real-time input monitoring: Listen to your audio inputs as you record, including effects applied to the input track. Then modify parameters after recording, if desired.
  • Plug-in delay compensation: Add filters and effects to tracks and buses throughout the signal chain without knocking tracks out of sync.
  • Sorting options in the Files panel: Sort files in the Files panel by common metadata fields such as Name, Media Type, Sample Rate, and more.
  • Playlist arrangements: Try different versions of an arrangement before you commit to the edits. Playback in any order and loop a specified number of times.
  • Batch processing: Speed up tedious tasks with batch processing. Let Adobe Audition automate operations such as converting the sample rate or file format of multiple files.
  • Multitrack mixing: Combine multiple tracks of dialogue, music beds, and SFX to create evocative soundtracks. Automate volume and pan on clips or entire tracks.
  • Guitar Suite effects: Perfect your sound with analog-modeled guitar effects that can be used with guitars or other instruments.
  • Robust DSP effects: Polish and improve audio with professional effects that take advantage of the power of VST and Mac Audio Units support.
  • History panel: Edit, arrange, and mix with confidence, knowing that you can easily revert to previous states using the History panel.
  • Powerful pitch correction: Correct pitch problems automatically or with manual control. Compare pitch adjustments with the original in the Spectral Pitch Display view.
  • Automatic speech alignment: Quickly align and replace location dialogue with studio recordings, even with noisy production tracks. Fix lip sync issues easily and rapidly.
  • EUCON and other control surface support: Work with control surfaces that use Mackie Control and Mackie Logic protocols, as well as Avid Artist Series control, surfaces with native EUCON support.
  • Parameter automation: Automate entire mixes with write, latch, and touch parameter automation modes.
  • Editing preview with selective skipping: Preflight deletions and fine-tune selections by listening to just the pre-roll and post-roll around a selection.
  • Direct editing of clip properties: Spot clips quickly by entering precise start or end values via the clip properties. Input keyframe values directly on envelopes and automation lanes.
  • Waveform and spectral editing: Edit audio using the traditional Waveform View or the Spectral Frequency Display which makes it easy to isolate and remove unwanted noise.
  • Powerful audio diagnostics: Finalize audio confidently with the visual Frequency Analysis and Amplitude Statistics features, which can help you detect and eliminate anomalies.
  • Effects Paintbrush and Spot Healing Brush: Make free-form selections with the Paintbrush Selection tool and apply effects to them. Use the Spot Healing Brush to automatically repair clicks, pops, and other noises.
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction tool: Intelligently remove noise that changes over time, including whines, buzzes, and colored noise from fans or airplanes.
  • Spectral play for selected frequencies: Isolate noise easily. Select an area in the spectral view and play just that area, or play everything but that area.

System requirements:

  • Multicore processor with 64-bit support
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 4GB of available hard-disk space for installation; plus additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash storage devices)
  • 1920×1080 or larger display
  • OpenGL 2.0–capable system
  • Sound card compatible with ASIO protocol, WASAPI, or Microsoft WDM/MME
  • The USB interface and/or MIDI interface may be required for external control surface support (see manufacturer’s specifications for your device)
  • Optional: Optical drive for CD burning
  • Broadband internet connection and registration are necessary for required software activation, validation of subscriptions, and access to online services


Technical Specification

Version 2021
File Size 2 MB
Languages Multiple
License Free Trial
Developer Adobe Systems Inc.



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