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1Password for Windows is straightforward, convenient security. It is a strong random password generator that creates robust, distinctive passwords for all of your accounts, therefore, you’ll log in with a click. you’ll automatically fill long forms and looking carts, then save pocketbook area by storing things like your Social Security range, reward programs, app passwords, and even those plain-text notes you do not need to depart giving birth around.

1Password integrates directly with popular web browsers to fit right into your workflow. You can keep using your favorite browser, or switch browsers whenever you want and bring all your passwords, Identities, and Credit Cards with you.


1Password keeps your data in sync with versions for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows, and you can collaborate with other users thanks to the new Multiple Vaults feature. Everything you do is secured and encrypted with the one password you need to remember. 1Password is the premiere password and identity manager for your on- and offline life.

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Your data, all your devices, your choice! 1Password for Windows can sync your data automatically through iCloud and Dropbox, or locally over Wi-Fi where your data never leaves your network. 1Password is the best way to stay safe online.

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1Password Features

Have you ever forgotten a password?
1Password creates strong, unique passwords for all of your sites and logs you in with a single tap. It’s simple, convenient security.

Browser Extensions
A single click opens your browser, opens a site, fills in your username and password, and logs you in. It’s the fastest way to work or play. A single click creates strong, unique new passwords for all your accounts, then remembers them in 1Password so you don’t have to.

Strong Password Generator
Strong Password Generator is your key to password liberation. One-click creates a strong, unique password for each account, and browser extension fills it into the website automatically. For times when you need more control, change the password recipe. You can customize pronounceable words, special characters, and more. It’s the simplest way to protect yourself from password reuse, data breaches, and PML—Password Memory Loss.

Organize your vault
Mark your most important or frequently used items for quick access and sync this list among all your devices. Drag any mix of 1Password Logins, Secure Notes, and other items into folders for work, finances, social media, or any other grouping you need. Adding tags to 1Password items is a snap; focusing on them to get things done is even easier.

A new service keeps you informed about your security. Watchtower securely checks your logins for known vulnerabilities and tells you which sites need new passwords.

You may also check Password Recovery software for your important documents to get a password easily.

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