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1111 VPN Download for PC

Jan 29,2024 - Cloudflare Inc (Free)

77.49 MB (Safe & Secure)

1111 Warp VPN Free Download for PC ensures the swiftest and most secure internet connection by employing the fastest DNS resolver. Developed by Cloudflare, this freeware security program safeguards your system from various security threats, including malware and phishing sites. It proves to be an optimal solution with its modern and optimized protocol, catering to individuals grappling with slow network issues. Equally dependable for both PC and mobile use, it enhances your browsing experience by up to 70% through the utilization of IPv6 instead of the outdated IPv4. To run the app on your PC, you’ll need to download an emulator such as BlueStacks.

1111 Warp VPN

1111 Warp VPN Usability

The software acts as a DNS service equipped with the capability to bypass risky connections, safeguarding your data from being sold to companies engaged in diverse marketing activities. It presents two modes with seamless switching options: the first for DNS queries and the second, which includes a VPN shield. The program is easy to download and launch, featuring a prominent button in the menu. The ‘Gear icon’ allows for convenient mode switching, and general settings are accessible through the ‘Preferences’ option. In this menu, you’ll find options for Connections, Accounts, Feedback, DNS Logs, and Advanced settings.

Fastest Internet Connection


Experience the swiftest internet connection with the capability to address any issues in your connection promptly. The advanced and optimized protocol significantly improves internet performance, greatly enhancing your browsing experience.

Fool-proof Security

It secures all your data through encryption, ensuring foolproof online security. Monitoring internet speed, blocking malicious sites, and receiving app notifications regarding network issues are easily achievable. The application offers continuous service, safeguarding your data from theft and fraud. It also supports DNS-over and DNS-over-HTTPS techniques.

Improved Browsing Experience

Save money on purchasing bandwidth by simply installing the free version of the app and relish an unlimited, enhanced browsing experience. The application efficiently resolves any network-related issues and can even enhance the speed of your slow connection. Additionally, it conducts tests on various internet paths to identify the one with optimal performance.

Simple and Easy

The interface is simple, allowing you to set up effortlessly with the click of a dedicated button. Its operation is simple, converting your network into a modern and optimized connection. Leveraging Cloudflare’s secure internet routes, it accelerates website loading speeds by 30 times compared to alternatives. The tool ensures complete browsing protection by encrypting all traffic to your device.

Premium Version

Everyone knows that the app comes at no cost and offers a plethora of features without requiring any payment. If you’re looking for extra perks, you can opt for the premium version provided by Cloudflare. This version introduces a handy feature called requests-over, allowing you to run your internet connection through Cloudflare’s network. The Argo Smart Routing feature guarantees connectivity even in situations of internet congestion. The subscription cost is determined by your location.


Is 1111 Warp VPN Free Download for PC really free?

Absolutely! The application is available free of charge, offering a range of features without any cost.

How does the software enhance internet speed?

The advanced and optimized protocol employed by the software significantly improves internet performance, providing a much faster browsing experience.

Can I use 1111 Warp VPN on both my PC and mobile device?

Yes, the application is equally reliable and efficient for both PC and mobile use, ensuring a seamless internet connection on both platforms.

What makes the software secure?

The software encrypts all your data, ensuring foolproof online security. It also offers features like blocking malicious sites and sending notifications about network issues.

How can I switch between modes in the application?

You can easily switch between modes using the ‘Gear icon,’ allowing for seamless transitions between DNS queries and the VPN shield.

What are the general settings available in the application?

The ‘Preferences’ option provides access to general settings such as Connections, Accounts, Feedback, DNS Logs, and Advanced configurations.

Can the application resolve network-related issues promptly?

Yes, the application efficiently addresses network-related issues and can even enhance the speed of slow connections.

Does the software support DNS-over and DNS-over-HTTPS techniques?

Yes, the software supports both DNS-over and DNS-over-HTTPS techniques, adding an extra layer of security to your internet connection.

Is the premium version worth considering, and what additional features does it offer?

The premium version offers extra perks, including a feature called requests-over, allowing you to run your internet connection through Cloudflare’s network. It also introduces the Argo Smart Routing feature for enhanced connectivity.

How much does the premium version subscription cost?

The subscription cost for the premium version varies based on your location.


1111 Warp VPN Free Download for PC offers a reliable, secure, and optimized internet experience. Developed by Cloudflare, this freeware enhances connectivity, addresses network issues, and ensures online security. With a user-friendly interface and the option for premium features, it’s a valuable tool for those seeking a modern and high-performing network solution. Whether you choose the free or premium version, 1111 Warp VPN is a commendable choice for an improved online experience.


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