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Why Should Your Business Be Using an 0330 Number?

Jun 22,2020 - (Free)

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A couple of years ago, the UK government pushed most organizations to move away from 084 and 087 numbers. This was for their customer service and complaint lines. 03 numbers then became the newest number range in the UK.

One of the good things about this range is that they are additionally classed as UK wide numbers. Not to mention, they cost the same to call as geographic 01 and 02 numbers as can be seen by those who visit cNumber site.

0330 Numbers for businesses

So, if one receives free minutes on their mobile or landline tariffs then 03 calls will be included in their minutes. This means no additional hidden charges for customers – regardless of where they are calling from. This makes 0330 lines the perfect choice for getting a new business number packed full of great call handling features.

Key Benefits of 0330 Numbers


  • High profile UK Businesses and Organizations are the most common types of firms on cNumber who use 0330 numbers widely. As such, these lines generate a positive image for any business.
  • Cheap to call – same call rate as 01/02 numbers
  • Calls to 0330 numbers are attached in packaged landline and mobile tariffs
  • Almost 50% of UK calls are now made from a mobile, so 03 is customer friendly
  • 0330 numbers are non-geographic so people won’t judge a business based on its location
  • Improve the business’ customer experience with cNumber’s 0330 call handling features
  • There is no need to change one’s 0330 number during a company’s relocation. The line simply tags along.
  • A firm’s callers will be able to recall the 0330 number with ease and it will look awesome on the webpage 
  • The public trusts 0330 numbers as call costs are straightforward and no call benefit is paid to the owner of the number

Another great benefit of 0330 numbers that are popular with customers is how one can actually choose their telephone number! There is a huge number of exceptionally paramount numbers to look over. This really encourages customers to remember a business easily and allows it to stand apart from the opposition.

Because of this, users can use digits related to their industry. For instance, if they offer around-the-clock service, the number can include‘247’. If it says an advisory service? Then it can include ‘121’ in the number.

It’s for this reason that thousands of smart organizations, big and small, now use 03. This includes companies such as Pioneer, Nikon UK, Vodafone, The BBC, Oxfam, the Metropolitan Police& RSPCA. As well as thousands of small businesses.

What this shows about 0330 lines:

Taking all of this into consideration, it’s safe to say that those who use 0330 numbers by cNumber have a customer-friendly line that will benefit callers. And more importantly, increase inbound calls. After all, customers will not think twice about calling from their mobile phones.

So, visit the cNumber site to look at switching an existing line or about obtaining an 0330 number for a business. 


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